Health News (Week 13- 2016)
By Robert Redfern

This last Easter weekend, Anne and I went rambling through the mountains here in Mallorca and other than the aching muscles, we had a wonderful time. As we were walking I got to talk to two numerological researchers in our group. We were talking about Alzheimer’s (what else?) and they told me that the predicted huge increase in the number of Alzheimer’s cases has not materialized and in fact the increased number of cases has leveled off. They could offer no reason for this so I thought I would bring you up to date on current research and give you my opinion. That good news is tempered by the fact that millions around the world will still get it…

Alzheimer’s Research

Medical research in general is confused with the cause and solution to Alzheimer’s. They are generally looking for a treatment that has to be delivered by the medical system and will bring in a large revenue stream. One of the 3 cholinesterase drugs of choice, Aricept, has been shown to have little or no benefit in studies but since it is the only drug they have, then the medical system prescribe it. You could say it is better than nothing but I call it a fraud on the sufferers. There are numerous studies that are accurately pinpointing the real cause of Alzheimer’s but since they will never make the Pharma/Medical Mafia any money and since the media is a mouthpiece for them, you will not see much about these studies.

So, if the medical system ‘claims’ it:

  1. Does not know the cause of Alzheimer’s
  2. Does not have a treatment for Alzheimer’s
  3. Does not have any idea why the increase it predicted has leveled off
  4. Only offers drugs that have side effects and simply do not work

Why would anyone give them any trust?

You are on your own when it comes to Alzheimer’s (and most other diseases) so you need to plan your own strategy to avoid and reverse this, or in fact any disease.

Why the Epidemic Claim was a Fake!

Firstly, here is my opinion about why the predicted increase of new Alzheimer’s cases is not happening…

President Obama has just announced hundreds of millions in grants in the USA to research the ‘cure’ for Alzheimer’s. Previous presidents have made such offers for cancer, which have failed, as have prime ministers and presidents of most countries in the world. This is why massive claims were made that there was an Alzheimer’s epidemic, to blackmail governments to give them money.

The Pharma/Medical Mafia use the media to terrorize the populations and then pressurize governments to fund research and to produce drugs which they can then sell back to the medical system at outrageous prices.

The Pharma/Medical Mafia also use the same tactic with charities and every day I see expensive TV and newspaper adverts for the public to donate time and money that funds research into producing drugs which the Pharma/Medical Mafia can then sell back to the medical system at outrageous prices.

What Are You Going To Do?

Do you plan to take charge of your own health plan to avoid or reverse such diseases?

These are the important factors:

  1. Spanish Pathology studies showed that only patients with fungus on the brain developed Alzheimer’s and those patients that had plaque (the previous suspect now discredited) was not a factor.
  2. Alzheimer’s is caused by microbes (herpes etc) and claimed by independent scientists based on studies going back 30 years.
  3. Alzheimer’s is caused by a combination of lifestyle and genetic factors (now stated on most of the orthodox websites that come up when I searched for the causes of Alzheimer’s).

All of these factors are linked and in all of my books, the disease plan shows that lifestyle and diet leads to fungus, candida and infection which then manifests into diseases such as cancer.

Dogs Know it!

It has been proven over many years that dogs can be trained to detect early and advanced cancers better than any screening systems that the medical system can offer. It was thought that the dogs were detecting the smell of the cancers but we now know they are detecting Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s) given off by fungus/candida. Soon I am sure dogs will be trained to detect early Alzheimer’s and in fact many other brain diseases such as Parkinson’s, Epilepsy, and any other form of brain disease.

High Sugar Diet and Low Activity are the Prime Cause!

Microbes, fungus and yeast love low oxygen and high sugar. They also love it if there is very little friendly bacteria in the diet to keep them in balance. No matter what anyone says you cannot simply kill unfriendly microbes and leave our friendly microbes healthy. You have to learn to live with all microbes but keep them in balance with friendly bacteria.

Can We Cure Alzheimer’s?

The better question is will we cure Alzheimer’s? I phrase it this way as it cannot be completely cured until we change our lifestyle. If we could simply take an anti-fungal to clear the fungus and we felt the Alzheimer’s clearing but carried on with the same lifestyle that caused it, this can bring it back.

So instead the question is:

Will we cure it by sticking to the lifestyle that will cure it?

It is difficult for most to make radical lifestyle changes and even many medical doctors agree that compliance is one of the real problems in health care.

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