Health News
(Week 11- 2016)

About ten years ago (when I was aged 60) my general health and fitness was better than 90% of the population but it wasn’t perfect. I still had a few niggling problems that indicated I was magnesium deficient. These included: leg cramps, sleep problems, a cardiac problem and energy loss when I had been working for too many hours.

I ate an almost perfect magnesium-rich diet and took a whole spectrum of supplements that included the best magnesium available but it did not make a difference to these problems.

I was still deficient in Magnesium and almost certainly, So Are You!

This can affect us all… muscle cramps, migraines, sleep problems, cardiac problems, low energy, lost focus, memory problems, high blood pressure, anxiety, joint pain and much more…

Magnesium is important for maintaining electrical balance and function in our cells yet its deficiency may be the most common nutritional problem you may face today, as it is a catalyst for over 350 life-providing reactions in our body.

So why are nearly every one of us chronically deficient?

How could this be?

Even as little as 60 years ago, there was much more magnesium in the foods. Throughout history magnesium was abundantly available in our food.

There are three reasons in this modern age that we have magnesium problems:

  1. Magnesium has dramatically decreased in foods as a result of: over farming, reduction of magnesium in the soil and overuse of artificial fertilizers, further blocking the magnesium uptake into the plants.
  2. Fluoridated water binds to magnesium, making it unavailable.
  3. Eating high sugar, grains and foods, causes us to lose and excrete magnesium in urine.

Calcium Imbalance is Another Danger

The intake of calcium has increased dramatically over the last 60 years. An imbalance of calcium and magnesium (and Vitamins D3-K2) can lead to other diseases such as Osteoporosis, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Multiple Sclerosis, Dementia, Arterial Diseases, Heart Valve Disease, Heart Rhythms, Blood Clots and many more.

The fact is too much calcium and too little magnesium leads to cell dysfunction and premature death in many cases. A magnesium deficiency is a serious threat to your health.

Supplemental Solutions For Magnesium

2016-11-02I stated above that I took what was claimed to be the best magnesium capsule that in effect did not work. In fact, numerous studies show that magnesium is not very well absorbed through the digestive tract but that is a real problem as magnesium is critical for so many health issues.
To get magnesium in the quantity your body needs, your skin (transdermal) is the best solution and it has worked for me.
Having magnesium that will absorb through your skin is simply the best solution. Your skin is the largest organ and absorbs magnesium directly into your muscles, blood and tissues. (This is especially critical for anyone with impaired kidney function).

There are various transdermal magnesium formulations on the market and the very best range is my choice of Ancient Minerals. This range included Oil, Oil ULTRA, Lotion and Gel.

My personal choice is OIL ULTRA which also contains the very best MSM (OptiMSM) that can help with further improving absorption into the tissue, bringing its own well researched benefits. This formula absorbs the fastest of all and gives you the fastest benefits (like clearing cramps). I used it continually for days before and during my recent flights and you will thank me for this tip if you suffer from swollen legs or cramps during or after long flights.

Don’t just take my word for it, these are approved health claims for Magnesium, as on the EU Directive for Nutrition & Health Claims:


  • A reduction of tiredness and fatigue
  • Electrolyte balance
  • Normal muscle function
  • Normal energy yielding metabolism
  • Normal functioning of the nervous system
  • Normal protein synthesis
  • Normal psychological function
  • The maintenance of normal teeth and bones
  • and …..has a role in the process of cell division

There are many more benefits as magnesium is implicated in over 300 biochemical reactions in the body!

If you are a first timer I recommend you start using the Magnesium OIL ULTRA, you can always step up to the stronger Magnesium Oil ‘Original’ later.


  • Discovered in the late 1990’s
  • Raw and pristine source of unadulterated magnesium chloride found in the ancient Zechstein seabed
  • Recommended by magnesium experts Dr Mark Sircus and Daniel Reed
  • Absorbs nicely through your skin (with help from the MSM)
  • Available in an Introductory Size, 125ml, SHOP HERE

For those whose skin needs a little TLC there is also Magnesium Lotion to consider.