Chronic fatigue is a common symptom, although it’s becoming increasingly difficult to diagnose its cause. Chronic fatigue syndrome is considered to be severe fatigue that lasts for several months or longer.

There are believed to be several theories as to the causes of chronic fatigue and this includes a viral infection like glandular fever, problems with the immune system, a hormone imbalance, psychiatric problems, genes or traumatic events.

Chronic fatigue syndrome is most commonly found in women aged 40-50 but anyone is capable of getting it and it may last for years.

Typical symptoms of chronic fatigue include pain in multiple joints, sleep problems, sore throat, tender lymph nodes, headaches, muscle pain, memory problems and feeling unwell for more than 24 hours after any kind of physical activity.

It’s possible to improve your symptoms by eating the right foods. The below list of foods are helpful for alleviating chronic fatigue syndrome…

1.    Bananas are high in potassium and this is needed by the body to convert sugar into energy for the body to use. Bananas are also high in glucose, fructose and sucrose meaning they are essential for energy and are rich in B vitamins, Vitamin C, fiber and carbs. Whenever you’re feeling tired, reach for a banana as it can help to relieve fatigue.

2.    Spinach is an excellent source of iron and this can prevent anemia, one of the major causes behind fatigue. Iron can deliver more oxygen to the body’s cells and this produces natural energy. Spinach is also high in Vitamins B and C, along with magnesium and potassium which all pack a high energy punch.

3.    Pumpkin Seeds are rich in B vitamins, iron, magnesium, omega-3 fatty acids and zinc. When combined, all of these nutrients work to improve the immune system, fighting fatigue in the process. Pumpkin also contains high levels of tryptophan meaning its excellent for promoting a healthy sleep.

4.    Beans are a high source of fiber and contain a plethora of important minerals like copper, iron, magnesium and potassium. Beans also have an ideal ratio of complex carbs and protein.

5.    Oatmeal is a good source of carbs and is excellent fuel for your brain and muscles. Oatmeal provides healthy nutrients such as magnesium, protein, phosphorus and Vitamin B1. The fiber in oatmeal can stabilize blood sugars, making it an excellent breakfast option.

6.    Red Bell Peppers contain high levels of Vitamin C, a potent antioxidant. This can improve your immune system while reducing stress hormones like cortisol that play a major contribution to feelings of fatigue. Vitamin C plays an integral part in preventing any emotional or physical stress, by promoting the health of the adrenals. One cup of red bell peppers can keep your energy levels high while boosting the metabolism, enabling you to tackle fatigue.

7.    Walnuts are high in omega-3 fatty acids and this can provide relief for mild symptoms of depression. Being high in protein and fiber, they can fight feelings of physical stress following a workout.

8.    Watermelon is both refreshing and can combat feelings of fatigue. Along with being high in nutrients, watermelon provides the body with iron, lycopene, potassium and Vitamin C. Watermelon is an excellent source of important electrolytes that can prevent you from feeling dehydrated.

9.    Green Tea contains numerous polyphenols that can reduce stress levels and improve clarity and mental focus. Green tea is excellent for fighting fatigue and boosting the metabolism, while protecting the body against the numerous complications of fatigue.

10.    Sweet Potatoes are a high fiber source of carbohydrates, enabling you to meet 25% of your daily potassium requirements. Potassium also lowers blood pressure levels and stress within the body that can be a major contributor to fatigue.

Along with eating a wholefoods diet, it’s highly recommended to take the following nutrients for best health and to avoid the symptoms of fatigue in the long term.

Nascent Iodine can help to support energy levels, thyroid function, while aiding in detoxification and boosting the metabolism.

GlycoBoost supports the growth of beneficial gut bacteria and promotes healing within the digestive tract.

D.I.P Daily Immune Protection can protect against infection and maintain a balanced immune system.

Prescript-Biotics™ – Recommended to support a healthy and strong immune system. SBOs in PrescriptBiotics™ are cultured together and encapsulated with their own ancestral food source to keep them vital and living: a humic and fulvic acid prebiotic made from minerals that are billions of years old and extracted from deep inside the earth.

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Recommended Dose: Take 1 capsule a day. Increase by one capsule a day, for each week.

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