The brain is an amazing organ and the command center of the body. It should be our topmost priority to care for our brain health if we want to live a long, healthy and productive life.

Everything we do is dependent on the brain and this includes our balance, coordination, memories, movements, speech, and coordination amongst other cognitive processes.

But did you know that certain lifestyle factors can damage your brain health? While we may think that we are doing right by our brains, we may actually be causing more harm than good if we’re not careful or choosing to follow a really healthy lifestyle. Below are five of the biggest causes to watch out for…

    1. High Cholesterol. If cholesterol builds up in the arteries it can reduce blood flow to the brain and because of lowered levels of oxygen and nutrients this can result in brain damage. Very few people are aware of the issues that high cholesterol can cause within the body when it comes to brain health. If you are interested in maintaining a healthy brain you should focus on keeping your cholesterol levels down.


    1. Recreational Drugs. Many people may take recreational drugs for a good time when out clubbing or with friends but they can be dangerous for the brain and quite literally ‘fry it’. Drugs such as cocaine, ecstasy, meth, glue or heroin can cause rapid aging within the brain and can make their users look suddenly decades older than they actually are. Recreational drugs can weaken the immune system, making you more susceptible to serious infections. High levels of toxic chemicals can kill off brain cells and this permanently alters other areas of the brain. The risk of developing depression can also greatly increase along with various other forms of mental illness later on in life.


    1. High Blood Sugar Levels. Over consumption of sugar is related to learning problems, depression and poor memory. The U.S. Department of Agriculture has reported that the average American eats around 156 pounds of sugar. If each bag of sugar from your supermarket shelf is 5 pounds then that means on average, an American is consuming 31 bags per year! Much of this sugar is consumed within hidden foods so they may not even be aware they are eating it!


    1. Poor Diet. Eating too many junk foods, processed items or sugary treats can all produce advanced glycation endproduces (AGEs). These are compounds that ‘tie’ up DNA so it’s disabled and the end result is it can actually cause organ failure. Highly processed foods such as hot dogs and donuts have the highest levels of AGEs and these have been linked in studies with virtually every known degenerative disease. This list of diseases includes arthritis, cancer, diabetes, dementia, heart disease and hypertension.


  1. Lack of Stimulation. Like any part of your body needs exercise, the brain needs stimulus in the form of regular reading or games in the form of crossword puzzles or Sudoku. These creative games encourage your brain to break outside of its usual boundaries, expanding both your knowledge and cognitive skills in the process. Creative thinking and a youthful brain go together so try and do something musical or creative where possible.


If you want to improve your brain health then it’s important to also get the right nutrients on a daily basis to avoid any complications such as Alzheimer’s Disease or dementia in the long term. BrainPower can contribute towards normal brain function and corresponds well with reduced mental functioning, including memory loss. Lithium Orotate found in Lithium Balance can also provide support for healthy brain chemical responses and these are best taken on a daily basis for best results.