Fulvic Minerals have many potent health benefits that can vastly improve all biological processes within the body…meaning they are more easily assimilated. As soil based micro-organisms, they consume decayed prehistoric plant matter in humate deposits and excrete a substance known as “fulvic acid” or ‘fulvic acids”.

The History of Fulvic Minerals

On earth over 38 million years ago, the root systems of the rainforests reached deep and tapped into rich sources of inorganic minerals, which the plants then converted into organic, biologically-friendly minerals via photosynthesis.

Once these plants died, the organic minerals deposited their structures onto the surface of the earth, combining with fulvic acids created by local soil microbes. This life and death cycle continued for millions of years and eventually formed rare fulvic mineral deposits.

Complex photosynthetic reactions are produced within all plants and these are the nutritional components needed for all the various parts of the plants. The muco poly-saccharides (a class of carbohydrates like starches and cellulose) flow throughout the plant as nourishing feed and this then returns to the roots where the soil-based organisms are re-nourished with the addition of Fulvic Acid, combining other minerals and nutrients in the soil as the cycle continues.

Some of the many benefits of Fulvic Minerals…

Neutralises Free Radicals

Fulvic acids are naturally organic electrolytes, balancing and energizing any biological properties they may come into contact with. Fulvic minerals can promote electrochemical balance, based on the cell’s requirements. It is also a powerful natural free radical scavenger and the fulvic acids can in the same way take part in reducing oxidation reactions.

Another benefit of fulvic acid is that it dissolves minerals and metals in solution with water. The fulvic acid can transform minerals and metals into fulvic acid molecular complexes and these are vastly different from their previous metallic mineral form. It can also ‘chelate’ metallic minerals and turn them into readily absorbable bio-available forms. Fulvic acid can enhance the availability of nutrients, allowing the minerals to regenerate while prolonging how long the nutrients stay within the body.

Nutrients are More Easily Transported

Nutrients can also be more readily transported around the body and fulvic acids can dissolve and transport vitamins co-enzymes, hormones and natural antibiotics…all of which can stimulate and promote healthy growth of the cells. The close association with enzymes means that fulvic acid reactions and activities are increased and this includes several enzymes including alkaline phosphates, transaminase and invertase.

As fulvic acid metal organic complexes are of a low molecular weight and size, they are capable of penetrating cells to a high degree. The fulvic acid complexes and chelates readily pass through the semi-permeable membranes such as cell walls, along with having the ability to sensitize cell membranes and various physiological membranes and functions too.

Supports Cell Growth and the Immune System

Fulvic acid also has the ability to stimulate the metabolism and cause the genetic mechanism of plants to function at a higher level. When the plant cells are exposed to fulvic acid it can improve growth and the fulvic acids can aid in penetrating the roots and transporting them to the shoots of the plants.

The vital activity of the cells can relieve oxygen deficiency and change the patterns of the metabolism of carbohydrates, causing an accumulation of soluble sugars. It can increase the osmosis inside the cell wall, while enabling the plants to withstand wilting. There is also evidence to support the notion that fulvic acid can enhance cell growth and may stimulate the immune system.

Pollutants can be detoxified by taking fulvic acids and these have a special function in regard to the demise of organic compounds applied to soil as pesticides. Fulvic acids are vital for helping in the formation of a new species of metal ions, while binding organic pollutants such as pesticides and herbicides, while catalyzing the breakdown of toxic pollutants. Silica can interact with complex or chelate metal ions and these interactions have been shown to increase the concentration of metal ions and silica found in water solutions to levels far in excess of their assumed dissolution ability.

Creates Balanced Cells

Fulvic acid can also synthesize or transmutate new mineral compounds, along with stimulating and balancing cells, creating optimum growth and ideal conditions for cell replication. The permeability of cell membranes can also be enhanced by fulvic acids, while intensifying the metabolism of proteins, RNA and DNA.

Fulvic acid also catalyses vitamins inside the cells in combination with complexed minerals. In these conditions, the vitamins are catalysed and utilised by the cell. When these trace minerals are absent, the vitamins become unable to perform their proper function. Fulvic acid is also a natural chelator and cation exchanger and this is vitally important for cell nutrition. For all of these reasons, fulvic minerals is the ‘missing link’ for good health.


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