adhdAttention deficit hyperactivity disorder is currently the label used by the medical community for children who are overly  inattentive, active and distracted to the point that their actions are not consider “normal.”

The medical community’s best “advice” is to medicate the children with an addictive stimulants that they say will have the reverse affect and calm the children down. The medication commonly prescribed has a host of side effects, including death.

Though ADHD can be frustrating for a child and parents alike, Nutritionalist Robert Redfern does not want to see parents resorts to such dangerous and dramatic measures.

Instead, follow the natural method and you and your child will be much happier. Redfern has developed the seven-day cure for ADHD.

  1. Take one half ounce of Active Life, two times a day with a meal.
  2. Take one teaspoon of Eskimo Fish Oil for kids two times a day with a meal.
  3. Mix two Probiotic14 (open capsule) with food two times a day.


Stop all starchy carbohydrates and increase vegetables;

Eat organic eggs, vegetables, dark skinned fruits, nuts, seeds, beans, wild fish and grass fed meats.

Eat only sprouted grain breads that are homemade.

You can get sprouted grain flour from and recipes can be found at