Zinc is an essential mineral that plays a vital role in combating inflammation and lowering the risk of chronic disease and infection. Research from Ohio State University indicated that the results of their study showed how it can control infections by tapping gently on the immune system’s response to prevent inflammation from going out of control. This inflammation can be both damaging and deadly, according to research.

Scientists worked with human cell cultures and have demonstrated how these specific proteins can push zinc into key cells, stimulating the immune response to fight infections. As the mineral has a cellular process, it can also neutralise infections, promoting a normal and balanced immune response.

The study also demonstrates how zinc can disable important pathways and how without zinc, there is an increased risk of becoming vulnerable to infections. The scientific research also looks at how being zinc deficient can place the defense system at a disadvantage. This is because the monocytes, or white blood cells can act as the first line of defence against invading pathogens. From this study, the researchers detected that when a pathogen is found, a series of complex responses start occurring that can wake the immune response and utilise the nuclear-factor kappa beta pathway (NF-kB). Once this gene is activated, it allows zinc to be moved into the bloodstream in the cell where it then binds with proteins, blocking the pathogen activity and preventing any excess inflammation.

It’s estimated that zinc deficiency affects 2 bilion people globally and this represents an estimated 40% of elderly within the U.S alone. These figures are helping us to understand that an ageing population is increasingly unable to fight this most common infection. Evidence is suggesting by including more sources of zinc into the diet, it’s possible to prevent infections and systemic inflammation from occurring.

What are some good sources of Zinc?

Some good dietary sources of zinc include beans, nuts, whole grains, fortified cereals, along with some dairy products. Anyone looking to improve their Zinc intake is recommended to take the following nutrients that can be found in the products listed below.


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