Prostate cancer when accompanied by radiotherapy can increase the risk of secondary cancers by almost 70% according to new research published in the British Medical Journal.

The research indicated that men who have slow-growing prostate cancer shouldn’t be given radiotherapy as this can increase the risk of bowel cancer by 68%, rectal cancer by 62% and bladder cancer by 39%.

Men who have prostate cancer are routinely given radiotherapy when they are diagnosed, usually in the early stages and this is the preferred method instead of surgery that could leave the patient potentially impotent or incontinent.

The radiotherapy is thought to cause mutations within the cells and then throughout the body, according to researchers from the University of Toronto who reanalysed 21 previously published studies. The rate of secondary cancers in men was compared with men who had radiotherapy along with those who didn’t. The majority of the cancers appeared after 10 years and their findings were especially significant in men whose prostate cancer was still growing and who are likely to live more than 10 years with the disease.

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Study source: (Source: BMJ, 2016; 353: i851)