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Summer allergies are becoming more common, affecting millions of adults. Hayfever is an allergic reaction to pollen that typically occurs when it comes into contact with your mouth, nose, eyes and throat.

Hayfever symptoms may last throughout the spring, summer and early autumn months and include sneezing, coughing, a runny or blocked nose, along with itchy, red or watery eyes. Other symptoms include loss of smell, pain around your temples and forehead, and even headaches and earaches. 

Another common summer allergy is asthma. In 2020 alone, asthma was estimated to affect 339 million people worldwide. It’s thought that asthma is made worse in the spring and summer months because our airways become more sensitive to triggers such as the weather, pollen, dust or smoke.

For thousands of people, taking over-the-counter antihistamines is their go-to solution for managing the symptoms of summer allergies. Yet these types of solutions also come with a range of unwanted side effects. 

What Causes Summer Allergies?

Pollen is the main cause of the problem behind summer allergies. Seasonal allergies develop when the body’s immune system overreacts to something in the environment. Certain plants pollinate during the spring, summer and autumn months, so it’s common to have a reaction at this time. 

Tree, grass and weed pollens are common triggers for summer allergies but different regions will have different pollen counts and this means it will affect people differently.

As the root cause of summer allergies begins with an unhealthy immune system, it makes sense to take steps to build up your immune system so that it can fight off potential allergens before they have a chance to cause any symptoms.


How To Find Natural Hayfever Relief 


Take Probiotics

A strong body of research suggests that taking probiotics can help with reducing the frequency of symptoms associated with seasonal allergies. [1] Research suggests that the Lactobacillus salivarius probiotic may help to reduce symptoms in children who are allergic to mold and dust. 

The connection between beneficial gut bacteria and eye and nose irritation therefore suggests that healthy gut bacteria can improve immune regulation and prevent immune cells from overreacting to allergens. By taking probiotics you can therefore, support your gut health and improve your immune response.


Add Vitamin C and Quercetin

As a natural antihistamine, Vitamin C works within your body to protect cells from damage. It can also help to reduce the severity of allergic reactions and help your body to fight infections. As a safe and non-toxic solution, Vitamin C can provide relief for stuffy nose and other unpleasant symptoms associated with seasonal allergies. [2]

Quercetin is a potent flavonoid that can also benefit the immune system. Research suggests that Quercetin may help to relieve allergy symptoms due to its natural anti-allergic and antihistamine properties. Taking a quercetin supplement is therefore highly recommended for natural relief of allergies such as hayfever. [3]


Take Beta-Glucans

Beta-glucans are types of fiber found in the cell wall of bacteria, fungi, yeasts, algae, lichen and plants. Commonly used for heart disease and high cholesterol, studies also suggest that beta-glucans can decrease the symptoms of allergies and that they have fewer side effects than immunotherapies. [4] Beta-glucans are therefore a great choice, especially when combined with other immune boosting ingredients such as selenium. Research suggests that selenium has powerful antioxidant properties that may help to reduce allergy symptoms by minimising tissue damage and inflammation. [5]



As a naturally occurring enzyme, Serrapeptase is a safe and effective solution for dissolving inflammation anywhere it appears in the body. By reducing inflammation in the sinus, Serrapeptase also helps to improve the symptoms associated with hayfever. 


Try Acupressure 

Acupressure is a manual technique based on traditional Chinese medicine and the body’s energy meridian points. By stimulating the body’s acupressure points, it’s possible to find natural relief for a wide range of symptoms. There is some evidence that acupressure can curb inflammatory immune-system substances involved in allergic reactions.


If you suffer from hayfever symptoms, it’s possible to find natural relief by following the above recommendations as part of a healthy lifestyle.








Good Health Naturally have teamed up with Your Healthy Living magazine to help readers beat seasonal allergies with this great competition prize – the Summer Survival Pack worth over £130! 

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