Health News (Week 01- 2017)
By Robert Redfern

Before I get into the serious stuff.

I just wanted to thank everyone who trusted me with their health in 2016. If you are one of them, I would like to give a special thanks, and hope that 2017 is the year we turn your health problems around.

Starve Yourself, Live Longer

No, not more Fake News but absolute fact. Fasting has been around as a health recovery tool for thousands of years and since we humans realised we were the cause of our bad health and started experimenting with lifestyle changes to give us the best shot of a long and healthy life. I am personally just finishing a 40 hour fast (water only) after the rich food of Christmas but I got the idea for this newsletter from the title of a newsletter that just arrived in my email, ‘Lose Weight, Without Starving Yourself’. The newsletter was all about losing weight after the holiday season and was the usual ‘eat what you want and still lose weight’. This is as fake as saying all you need to lose weight is the exercise more and everything will be fine. That’s not to say there is a grain of truth in all of these statements but there is more than a grain of confusion as they can mean what you want to them to mean. Through my writings I plan to cut through the confusion and simplify how you can have a healthy and stronger future.

What My Articles and Newsletters Offer

Simply I offer my ‘truth’. In a few weeks I will be entering my 72nd year and for the past 32 years I have been researching the truth of the causes of disease and premature death. This is important to me as my parents died prematurely at the ages of 62 and 64 from poor lifestyle and bad treatments by the medical system. I say the medical system as opposed to the doctors and nurses that work in it, who in the main are the subject of brainwashing by that medical system. I am sure they would object to my claim they are brainwashed but that is their ‘truth’ and other doctors and nurses have changed their minds and are now agreeing with me that true healthcare is only produced by a healthy lifestyle. As I enter my 72nd year I can assure you I am super healthy and strong. My lifestyle is what I share with you to help you beat the medical system.

Lose Weight, Live Longer

Would be a better title for an article but even this is not quite true. Just because a person is skinny does not make them healthy. Our body is held together by bones, ligaments, tendons and all this is held together by muscles. If you don’t have strong muscles you will virtually fall apart, get back pain and joint problems and become a feeble old person. Losing muscle is partly caused by getting older but mostly by lack of use. I work up to 16 hours per day and for 16 years have worked standing up since I read studies that show that sitting down for more than 3 hours per day causes disease and premature death. You may think this is new news (about sitting down) but I read, followed and wrote about these studies 16 years ago.

Life Should Be Sweet, Not Your Food

As I write this newsletter I am listening to the radio and in the news is the fact that children are consuming a huge amount of sugar at each meal. My newsletters for the past 23 years have always made the point that high sugar foods are toxic and a cause of disease. A child eating a typical breakfast could be consuming the equivalent of up to 20 teaspoons of sugar. Read my article here and search my website for the word sugar to see many articles of truth about food and sugar.

You Have To Have A Plan

There is an old business saying, ‘If you don’t have a plan, you plan to fail’. To have a plan you have to have a goal. I have goals and a plan for my own life. My goal is to be fit and healthy past 100 and my plan is the healthy lifestyle that can achieve it.

Whether your initial goal is to beat lung disease, cancer, Diabetes Type 2, heart disease, immune diseases (MS, Alzheimer’s, MND, etc), infertility, stress/anxiety, or just to live a long, strong and healthy future I can help with your plan, which will include the basics in my books.

Each week in my newsletters I will cover one of the common diseases with an overview of the plan in my books. You can of course download any of my free eBooks or purchase a hard-copy anytime and get Health Coaching to support your plan.

Age Healthily and Strongly

We may be living a little longer but we are also ending up with difficulties, spending many thousands every month for nursing care when we lose our health. It is not because we are getting old we lose our health, it is simply not following a healthy lifestyle.

Start today and make your goals a reality.

Please share and recommend my newsletters with your friends and relatives if they want a source of health news that really delivers good health.