Health News (Week 40 – 2017)
By Robert Redfern

Falling Is Dangerous In Older People!

I decided to do a little research on falling and was astounded to read that world-wide, falling was the second leading cause of deaths especially in older people. Worse news is that falls in older people that result in broken hips lead to death within 12 months.

I Can Vouch For It!

Recently, my wife Anne and I were staying at a hotel for a couple of nights for some pleasant spa relaxation and to get me away from the computer. The last morning, we were walking down stairs which happened to be made from high gloss marble (only in Spain) and I slipped on the stairs, landed on my back and ended up sliding down on my back all the way to the bottom.

Immediately I knew I had done some damage as I had difficulty breathing because of the pain. I ended up in an ambulance and I was taken to hospital for a scan where they diagnosed 3 cracked ribs. Since there is nothing doctors can do about this condition I discharged myself and went home.


Yes, when I laughed and especially when I coughed. The first thing I had to deal with was the pain. I found that it was only painful when I was laying or sitting down but since I work standing up that’s useful to keep the pain away so I kept up my 12-16 hours at the computer as therapy.

Luckily my thousands of hours of research also came in useful so I knew the correct supplements to accelerate the healing of bones. Without drugs, I was able to be completely pain free within two weeks. A few more weeks of taking care and my orthopaedic surgeon friend agreed there was no residual problems. I have to admit that there were a few nights in the early days where I took over the counter pain killers to help me get a good night’s sleep.

So What Was The Cause Of My Fall And The Cracked Ribs?

It was a combination of 3 things but I fell because: 1. I was wearing flip flops on my feet or thongs, as they are called in Australia. 2. The steps were highly polished and not non-slip treads. 3. And lastly, there was no hand-rail to hold or grab in an emergency.

The last two are the fault of the hotel but the first and most stupid was what I was wearing on my feet. I had walked up and down those stairs a number of times and thought to myself each time that they are dangerous and were an accident waiting to happen. In the end, I blamed myself and vowed never to ignore danger warnings in my head (and never to wear inappropriate footwear).

So, What Causes These World-Wide Deaths from Falls?

There are many causes of these worldwide falls in the workplace etc. but in older people they include: muscle loss, weak joints from the muscle’s loss such as arthritis, side-effects of pharmaceutical drugs, low blood sugar, low blood pressure, loss of vision (ARMD and Cataracts), dementia and other brain diseases. Least of all, wearing inappropriate footwear.

They Are All Preventable In Most Cases!

In the same way that my fall was preventable as I saw the danger but did not wear sensible shoes, most of the causes of falls in older people are preventable. This includes:

Muscle Loss – This accelerates in older people but can be slowed and reversed with better nutrition and a muscle building exercise program. Muscle loss makes people feeble, unsteady on their feet, gives poor balance, and leaves us prone to broken bones by losing the muscle padding that protects the bones. The only solution is muscle building exercises. Yes, you need protein for that muscle but no amount of protein consumption without exercise will build muscle.

Solution: Stop a carbs and sugar diet and follow a Paleo or Ketogenic diet and get some coaching in muscle building for your age group.

Weak Painful Joints – Usually called arthritis and caused by muscle loss, but can also be caused by diet, and in some rare cases is a response to eating nightshade foods such as tomatoes, peppers etc.

Solution: Stop a carbs and sugar diet and follow a Paleo or Ketogenic diet and get some coaching in muscle building for your age group. Avoid consumption of nightshade plants during your recovery phase. See my eBook below.

Pharmaceutical Drugs – Are a leading cause of premature death in themselves but they can have severe side effects including loss of bodily control.

Solution: Read up on the side effects of any drugs you are taking and start an evaluation and negotiation process to stop taking them. Mike Tawse, whose story is in my book, ‘The Miracle Enzyme’ (see below), was on 14 Pharmaceutical drugs but after following my nutritional plan was able to negotiate with his doctor to stop them all (yes, he stopped all 14 drugs).

Low Blood Sugar – (also called Hypoglycaemia) is usually found in those with diabetes 1 and 2. It is caused by an inappropriate or extremely bad diet, use of pharma drugs, alcohol abuse and other causes.

Solution: Slowly wean yourself off carbs and sugar and follow a Paleo or Ketogenic diet. Get help to identify the cause(s) and to follow a recovery plan. See my eBook below.

Low Blood Pressure – This is a minefield for your doctor as the causes are too numerous to guess. It would need a long review of everything you take and your lifestyle to arrive at the cause and simply prescribing another drug can make matters worse since a common cause is the other drugs you may be taking.

Solution: Slowly wean yourself off a carbs and sugar diet and follow a Paleo or Ketogenic diet. My HealthPoint acupressure device is a fast solution but a full review of your health plan is needed for a possible complete solution.

Loss of Vision – Commonly, Age Related Macular Degeneration (ARMD) and Cataracts are suffered by nearly 50% of the older population and are a common cause of falls. The cause is normally poor diet and more specifically, missing nutrients.

Solution: Slowly wean yourself off carbs and sugar and follow a Paleo or Ketogenic diet. My HealthPoint acupressure device is a fast solution when combined with a healthy diet and specific nutrients. See my eBook below.

Dementia and Other Brain Diseases – Are almost certainly caused by poor diet and/or toxins.

Solution: Stop all carbs and sugar in your diet and follow a Paleo or Ketogenic diet. See the nutrients in my eBook below.

Inappropriate Footwear – Loose fitting slippers, shoes, flip flops/thongs and high heels are all known causes of falling (including falling down the stairs in my case).

Solution: I will have to leave it to your common sense what to wear.

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Premature death from most diseases is mostly preventable but from a preventable fall it’s also possible.

Of course, if you have a serious health problem then contact my Health Coaches for help and support at