Health News (Week 06 – 2015)
By Robert Redfern

What do you expect at your age?

Anyone over 50 may have heard this from the medical system when they ask a few simple questions about their health problems. The older you get the more likely you are to hear it.

I personally only see a private doctor who knows me well enough not to make such a condescending nonsense statement. Since I plan to be working for the next 30 years – as are many of the people I help every day, you will never hear me make such a statement.

I will share a sample answer I give when I get age related questions:

Hello – I am a 44 year old male. Approximately 175lbs and 5’10”. I am gradually losing energy and have a stressful job. What products can you recommend? I have taken Serranol in the past and have had good results. I have no health issues however my family does have a history of heart issues so I want to be proactive. Any information would be helpful.


Dear Steve, Of course everyone and especially those with a family history of heart disease needs to get their heart checked. I suggest having a scan using the latest 3D/4D Echocardiography. Make sure they scan head to toe.

There a number of reasons for your problems other than heart failure:

  • Poor diaphragmatic breathing because we allow ourselves to feel stressed/depressed, trapped and afraid for the future
  • Poor hormones because we age from a poor diet
  • Not walking 3-5 miles per day
  • Sitting down for more than 3 hrs over the day


  1. Learn better breathing as there is no faster way to gain energy and mental focus
  2. Take supplements to help balance our hormones and mental outlook
  3. Build up to walking 3-5 miles most daysbest.
  4. Consider a standing desk if you presently work sitting down
  5. Drink 6 x 16floz glasses of water over the day with a pinch of sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) in each glass and pure lime or lemon juice to taste
  6. Change to a Paleo Diet Just so you know I follow everything above having just passed 69 a week ago. I am now in my 70th year and feel great.

Suggested Supplements:

  • DHEA Drops – These are the master hormones derived from cholesterol from which all other hormones spring
  • NatraGest – Is a plant derived progesterone that helps proper hormone and especially testosterone balance
  • MacaPro – This is an extract from the Maca plant which helps to support balanced hormones and increase energy and vitality
  • Rosavin – Helps to balance our emotions and give us a happier outlook

Just to clarify, the older we get the healthier our lifestyle needs to be and since one of the causes of feeling old is lack of strong hormones, the above plan will help men or women to feel more powerful.


Standing Desk, as an example:….



Exercise: Download any of my books for all of the lifestyle and exercise ideas here: Just so you know I reached the age of 69 a week ago. I am now in my 70th year, follow all of the above and feel great. So can you.