Health News (Week 49- 2015)
By Robert Redfern

Long time readers will know my passion for Curcumin and the almost incredible benefits you can receive from taking it. The issue of my newsletter today is about me venting my frustration at the deception (or pure ignorance) when scientists and marketers use the word Turmeric and mix it up with the word Curcumin. They are not the same!


Turmeric is a plant. The root of turmeric is a common yellow Asian spice used to flavour foods as well as being used as a tonic over thousands of years. It is great for cooking and fantastic as a ton-ic. It is not Curcumin.


Curcumin is a substance (called a curcuminoid) extracted from the root of the turmeric in tiny amounts. Curcumin has many studies showing that it has amazing healing properties for its anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, antiviral and antifungal properties.


If you search MEDLINE (PubMed) on the internet there are over 1,800 studies already listed for Curcumin and many of them show: Cancer (cell growth), Skin Cancer (conditions of the skin), Ar-thritis, Alzheimer’s Disease, Digestive System Disorders, Lung Disease, Bacteria, Viruses, Fungi, Parasites, Heart Disease and Liver Damage. As you can imagine, there are far too many to men-tion!

To confuse the issue, many of the studies mention the study is for Turmeric when they mean Cur-cumin. This is an example of the sloppiness of many scientists.


Many marketers use this confusion to sell Curcumin diluted with Turmeric but beware. Curcumin is the active ingredient, and Turmeric is a cheap kitchen spice used instead of the real Curcumin to bulk it out.

For 15 years, I have worked with Curcumin and have recommended this amazing ingredient to help support a broad range of health problems. Whether you are just researching for general health or whether it is for a more serious health recovery plan then Curcumin must be part of the answer you need.

It is so good I recommend it as a prime treatment for cancer. I doubt whether doctors will ever recommend this to you. The reality is that when something as good as this comes up against Big Pharma, it will always be suppressed (despite the 1,800 studies!)

That’s why I wrote my eBook that details the whole background on this unique nutrient. From my eBook you will:

  • Get a good understanding of Curcumin and
    its historical use
  • Discover the role that Curcumin can play when
    battling disease
  • Identify whether Curcumin can help you

I also have dozens of articles on, which you can find by searching for ‘Curcumin’.

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When taken as a supplement VERY LITTLE Curcumin is absorbed and in studies 25 capsules were needed to get benefits. Therefore, I recommend a product that offers the best absorption! The Cur-cumin that I recommend is called CurcuminX4000 and this contains MERIVA and uses new tech-nology to increase absorption. A published study shows that this is up to x23 better than ordinary Curcumin while an unpublished study claims it could be x45 better! If you follow the instructions, one bottle will last approximately 2 months. You can take more depending on your requirements.

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