Health News (Week 12 – 2013)
By Robert Redfern

I have been away for a short break with Anne at a hotel in Mallorca to celebrate our 43rd wedding anniversary (belatedly, as I was in the USA at the Anaheim Natural Products Show on the date).

Whilst the first thing I asked was whether they had “wifi in the room” (for work of course!), I have not been able to spend the usual time creating my weekly news! I was simply going to send a newsletter apologising for lack of content but then this great news came in and I was compelled to share it. ….

I have just had a report about a client, in Australia, who under the supervision of his Naturopathic Doctor has cleared his block arteries in just 3 weeks.

His medical doctors have now cancelled his scheduled quad-bypass.

He did this by taking x21 SerraEnzyme 80,000iu EVERY day for this period. That is 1,680,000iu of serrapeptase per day. Normally I recommend a maximum of 720,000iu serrapeptase per day (for a 1-3 week period).

I am now waiting to see if we can get a response from the medical doctors…. probably not!

I thought to myself why would his Naturopathic doctor recommend such a high dose and then it came to me. He probably read an early article of mine in which I suggested up-to 21 per day was fine. That was written when the capsules only contained 20,000iu or 40,000iu serrapeptase. – they are now much stronger.

However, in doing this, he has given us a preview into the possibilities and benefits of taking a very high dose for a short period, when it is critical. Blocked Arteries, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Auto-Immune diseases and anything being caused by Inflammation are some of the things that may be brought under fast control.

Can you do this? Yes…..

I have always stated that you can’t ever take too much serrapeptase because there aren’t any side effects. I do suggest roughly half of what this client took as a daily maximum but stories like this always make you think twice! Particularly when there has been such a success with it.

Remember though that this was a critical situation and therefore the x21 per day dose proved effective. It is very likely, depending on your situation, that you will not need anywhere near x21 per day! Many clients take serrapeptase on a maintenance dose, 1-3 in the morning and 1-3 at bedtime.

In any case, if you decide to go ahead on the high dose, I would start with x9 per day and then build up with an extra 3-4 day, till you get to x21. If you have an existing digestive problem , such as an ulcer, a high dose may cause some discomfort so see this ‘digestive recovery plan’, which should clear it.

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