Health News
(Week 12- 2016)

I know some of you will have heard me for the first time on the radio talking about health and politics. I would also like to talk about religion but I have been warned that whatever I say about religion and health will upset someone. It’s a shame because I have read that health is in all ancient religious texts.

My wife Anne even barrs me from talking about health (and politics) when we are in company (friends and relatives) and so everyone wonders why I am so quiet at such gatherings…but what else can I talk about? The most frustrating thing about this is I have to wait for people to ask me for health advice if they have a problem (even if I can see a simple solution for what ails them). A good friend who recognized my frustration gave me a gift of a poster that said, ‘I Never Said it Would be Easy I Only Said It Was Worth It’. This helped my frustration and I have shared those words many times.

My challenge is that since health is now my life’s work and politics and health are bound together (not to mention religion) I feel a sense of duty to talk about them. Every day I have conversations with friends and relatives who when I say, ‘How are you?’ say they are feeling really sick or discuss their ailments. My wife Anne says just empathize and listen but don’t offer any advice. She wisely says since they know what we do they will ask for the details about how to get help when they are ready (Anne is very wise).

Talking about politics (and health) the medical system is slowly catching up and starting to grudgingly admit that sugar (might be) a cause of disease. To be clear (as I have said for 25 years), sugar (and a lack of essential nutrients) is the prime cause of disease and pregnancy problems. At last, doctor’s organizations have realized that health care rather than disease care may be better.

The Chef Jamie Oliver has campaigned for politicians to ban or put a tax on sugar in soda and other soft drinks but then serves up recipes with just as much sugar as the worst cola. It may be he really gets it, but is taking it step-by-step? Good health is a journey and having a lifetime of brainwashing by the global food industry and medical system takes some time to clear. After all, it was not that many years ago that doctors were appearing in adverts saying that smoking was good for you…

One of my Heroes

I don’t want to pick on one of my heroes, Chef Jamie Oliver, who does serve up some healthy foods – however, he does also serve up some really unhealthy recipes. He is campaigning for higher taxes to financially force people into reducing their intake of sugar from one area of their lives but still delivers as much sugar in his some of his recipes and restaurants. For example, a plate of potatoes and parsnips has more sugar than the worst cola or soda. He may not know how much sugar is in his recipes or he may think an occasional indulgence (I refuse to use the word, ‘treat’) will not do any harm. It could be true but we know that all sugar is highly addictive and while some people are very good on willpower the majority of us are not and the only way forward is to keep away from addictive sugar and high sugar foods.

The last word on Jamie Oliver: He really is one of my heroes for his work campaigning for a better children’s diet and one day soon I would like to meet him to tell him about my Really Healthy Pasta.

What Do I Mean By Sugar?

For those who are new subscribers to my newsletters or readers of my books, sugar is very unhealthy and is found in dangerous levels in all grains and cereals, breads, cakes, cookies, rice, potatoes, parsnips and wheat pasta (and of course sodas and colas). To make matters even worse, when sugar is heated and slightly browned (as in baked goods and toasts) they become even more carcinogenic. There is a measure of sugar toxicity in foods called the Glycemic Index (GI) with a scale of 1 to 100. There is a difference of opinion what is a safe level and some say keep under a GI of 50 and some say a GI of under 40.

The only scientific studies show that a Ketogenic diet with a GI of under 25 is the only level that is healthy and safe. It is tough to stay under 25 but those who are really sick and who have cancer need to be strong to survive and stay under a GI of 25.

Warning: The food industry, alarmed at the truth about sugar, has created a new term ‘Glycemic Load’. The meaning behind this is that it is OK to load up on sugar once per day but not at every meal. There is no scientific basis for this and the science says only a Ketogenic diet is safe.

‘I Never Said It Will Be Easy, But It Will Be Healthier’

This is an Easter four-day weekend here in Spain and a big religious festival. Like most religious holiday periods lots of high sugary foods and drinks will be consumed. Anne will be making some of her sugar free recipes from our web site for family who are flying in to visit.


Stay away from foods and drinks higher than 25 as much as possible. If you don’t want to upset hosts when invited out to eat then take 3 capsules of Cinnamon27, 20 minutes before a meal as this will block and reduce the sugar absorbed.

Serious disease needs serious adherence to a plan and as well as downloading my eBooks for any condition, I recommend visiting for expert advice where help is always available from my health coaches.