Health News (Week 14 – 2013)
By Robert Redfern

Many of the emails I get are from readers who have successfully followed one of my plans and are trying to share their new knowledge as to what works for health with their friends. Often they are asking me for help in persuading their friends to put aside their belief in the pharmaceutical system and embrace natural health as they have successfully done. This happens more than I care to contemplate, as the problem is I do not have the answers. Human beings are not disposed to others changing their minds and in fact they can be very stubborn. The fact is many people have been brought up to believe in medical doctors (the majority follow the pharmaceutical model) and humans are hard wired.

I am happy to help those who want my help and nothing gives me as much pleasure as emails telling me how successfully you have recovered your health. I know that not everyone gets the same success as others but that does not stop us working together to reach their goal of good health.

Anne and I are in the UK this week to spend Easter week with the children and grandchildren and are at a Health Show in London this weekend. I have just been presented with the same problem as many of you have asked me to help with. A very dear friend of over 50 years had a heart attack last week and since we are in the UK we went to see her and give a gentle hug.

I am in the same position as you are with your dear friends. Our friend believes in doctors.

My problem is I know the doctors have been mistreating her for another condition, which has almost certainly caused or at least contributed to her heart attack.

The doctors were giving her calcium supplements supposedly to help her bones as well as various drugs. Both of these are shown in studies to double the risk of a heart attack in women. STRIKE 1

Now you and I may think the doctors should have known about these studies and observed her heart health to prevent her heart attack and ensure her arteries were healthy but they didn’t. STRIKE 2.

You and I may also know that studies are clear that bone health is best supported with good levels of Vitamin D3 and Vitamin K. They help absorption and reabsorption of calcium into the bones thus getting excess out of the blood and out of harms way. They did not give her these supplements. STRIKE 3

You and I know that eating starchy carbs and other high sugar foods cause inflammation and damage the wall of the arteries leading to heart attacks. You also know that eating dairy products are a factor in creating poor bone health and should not be eaten as a way to strengthen bones. Both of these food groups lead to sticky blood. The doctors should have known this. STRIKE 4

Our friend sees doctors many times each year for her bone condition yet she has had to have a heart attack in front of her doctor to get her condition recognised and treated. STRIKE 5

The emergency treatment was very good and her condition was stabilised with stents and drugs. I have to admit the medical system is very good at emergency treatments. The problem is they are hopeless at subsequent health care. They just do not get it.

Our friend was given statins even though she has low cholesterol (you read that correct, low cholesterol). One of the many side effects of statins is a heart-attack from muscle loss. The other drug is warfarin, which artificially thins the blood, which can lead to internal bleeding and especially in the brain. The various studies for these drugs show they may not be effective for long-term use and the risk is too great>

I know you are wondering if we were able to help her. Well we hope so. She and her husband listened to the plan we offer and while they have very mixed emotions about taking responsibility, they are also intelligent and realise she is in a very precarious position and that our ‘health care’ is a good option compared to ‘disease care’ offered by her doctor.

We only have three weeks to turn her around before her doctor will try to persuade her to have a triple by-pass and put her at greater risks. I know many people survive this operation and live a long life but not as many as you would think, if you to listen to the confident doctors.

Our friend is now on an intensive plan: SerraEnzyme 80,000iu x20 caps per day, BlockBusterAllClear x4 caps per day, UB8Q10 x4 per day, Vitamin D3 x1 per day, Super K Complex x1 per day, Active Life 15ml x 2 times per day and Krill Oil x2 caps per day. I sincerely hope she also sticks to my really healthy foods plan as this next 4 weeks is no time for comfort junk foods. Good health is dictated by good food.

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PS. I will keep you posted with any news on our friend…