Health News (Week 42 – 2013)
By Robert Redfern

Earlier this year I told you about an Australian customer who under the supervision of his naturopath and a really healthy Vitamin K2 diet, took 21 x 80,000iu serrapeptase tablets a day, to try and clear his blocked arteries.

And they cleared up in around three weeks.

 Do you remember this story? At the time I received hundreds of questions asking how this was possible.

The main point I made was that, in this example, the Vitamin K2 diet was as critical as the serrapeptase. Why? K2 also helps to clear the calcium content of the blockages. (I have since formulated the Vitamin D3/K2 Spray, which is available here).

Back to the story….

Another question that came up was, ‘Is it possible to put more in a capsule so that less capsules need to be consumed?’ (This is a common point, as most people do not like taking lots of capsules, certainly not x 21 a day!).

At the time the answer was no!

However, this got me thinking and I have now developed a 250,000iu capsule, which is 3x stronger than the 80,000iu capsules. The reason? In some situations it appears that the more serrapeptase taken, the bigger the results (the Australian testimonial wasn’t the only time there had been success with a higher dose).

I had never suggested for the Australian customer to take x21 tablets, he had decided to, after the consultation with his naturopath. He just told me the story afterwards.

Note – how serious a condition is normally determines how much serrapeptase I recommend. Serrapeptase is 100% safe and can be taken in higher dosages when required, hence why I have developed the new ‘super strength’ capsule.

Sometimes a condition will not be getting enough serrapeptase to help clear it, that is when more would be needed. The worst case scenario is that the condition didn’t need as much serrapeptase as was taken, but it will still have been cleared!

What do I say? Better for the serrapeptase to do its job than not! The worst case scenario is actually pretty good because you could then drop down a dose to a maintenance level (once the inflammation has been cleared).

As with my other serrapeptase formulations, SerraEnzyme 250,000iu is manufactured under GMP strict guidelines (set by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration’s ‘Good Manufacturing Practices’) and is in a delayed release capsule. This means that the serrapeptase is protected from stomach acid so it can go on to do its work. The capsules allow for optimum performance, are phthalate free (another question I sometimes get) and are suitable for vegetarians.

It is now possible to get 2.25 million iu of serrapeptase from just taking 9 capsules a day (eg. X 3 on waking and 2 x 3 over the rest of the day)! And because of this I am expecting some even better results.

It is a lot of serrapeptase and a lot of inflammation relief!

When and why would you do this?

Only in very rare cases when it is critical to achieve a goal in a short time such as clearing an arterial blockage, chronic inflammation problems (such as Rheumatoid Arthritis) or any of the other immune diseases such as Lupus, MS etc.

Basically any problem which is still existing or troubling you.

What if I wanted to take it for a long time?

At this point I don’t recommend taking serrapeptase 250,000iu at high doses for more than 3 – 6 weeks. In fact I suggest you start to taper down…start reducing at around week 3 to 1 capsule x 3 times per day. You can then review your progress with me. One month of serrapeptase at a max strength dosage should clear most chronic inflammation problems (certainly if you follow other advice on diet, etc).

So those of you who take 3 x 80,000iu a day at the moment would only need to take x 1 of these (and so on).

So, what does serrapeptase do?

Serrapeptase has two main actions: (1) it helps to regulate inflammation and (2) it dissolves any dead proteins.

Serrapeptase CLEARS Inflammation:

Remember, inflammation comes in two forms.

Firstly, normal, acute, inflammation – this supports the immune system to clear damaged tissue and remove infected cells, as this is part of the daily maintenance system. Once its ‘job’ is complete, it reduces, whilst waiting for its ‘next job’. To have none of this inflammation would be a health problem in itself. An example of this is if you get a knock, or hit your thumb with a hammer.

Serrapeptase does not heavily impact upon this process (unlike drugs) and the inflammation will reduce over time. The serrapeptase may help the level of inflammation but will not stop it. Therefore it can be safely used in these situations.

Secondly, the other type of inflammation is abnormal chronic inflammation. This never goes away and continually causes damage around the body, wherever it is at its highest level. The cause of this is of constant discussion, but scientific opinion is coming around to it being an infection (virus, bacteria, fungus etc), being continually fed by a sugar diet (starchy carbs and other high sugar foods, drinks and fruits).

This can start a chain of health problems that may exist throughout the whole body – head, heart, lungs, colon, digestive system, veins, arteries, pain in general and so on.

Serrapeptase helps to clear this type of inflammation.

As you will have read in some of my books, once the inflammation is cleared, it is really important to try and work out what caused it (and then to stop it from happening again). But let’s take it one step at a time!

You could make a start by consuming only raw vegetable smoothies, if you are extra keen – for a couple of months though, not just a couple of days!

Quite often when this inflammation is reduced there are noticeable benefits and health improvements. Sometimes this can happen quickly and sometimes it will take longer. See some of the testimonials I get on my Facebook page here or at www.Serrapeptase.Info.

The Other Great Thing about Serrapeptase:

The really great thing about serrapeptase is its ability to digest ‘dead proteins’. These include: cysts, fibrosis, scars both internal and external, lesions, and some clots.

One of the more famous ‘dead proteins’ that can be cleared is found in blocked arteries. The results on this can vary, as there can be a large component of calcium, which will need a diet change and the reason for the Vitamin D3-K2 recommendation above. Hence why it was so important for the Australian customer.

I am really excited about SerraEnzyme 250,000iu and hope that you share my enthusiasm!

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