Health News (Week 43 – 2013)
By Robert Redfern

This week’s newsletter is a reminder of various health solutions that may have been overlooked in recent newsletters. The supplements that I am about to remind you of are essential for particular health problems and may have been overshadowed by more headline products, such as Serrapeptase and Curcumin.

 – Possibly.

Still important?
 – Yes, absolutely.

It is almost impossible for me to cover everything, even if I sent a newsletter every day (now that would be impossible). That’s why I try to help you to at least get the basics right, for good health.

Be assured that there is a ‘solution’ out there for every health condition. So if you haven’t found it yet or want more information on any ingredient, product, etc. then please just get in touch.

I try to bring to the forefront what I think you all need to know, and with over 65,000 readers (all with different health concerns/goals), please understand if I may miss anything that is important to you.

Just let me know!

For instance, I have discussed how important Nascent Iodine is and now people around the world are also realizing just how critical it is too. As I type this, I am listening to a doctor on BBC radio saying how women planning to have children really should be supplementing (with it).

What about other ‘solutions’?

Other products which may help and are important (with a quick summary of why):

B4Health Spray contains the full spectrum of B-vitamins as well as other powerful nutrients for healthy blood and brains. As well as being critical for vegetarians, studies show deficiencies cause strokes, heart diseases and Alzheimer’s. If you know about B-vitamins/nutrients then click on the supplement facts and compare it with any other B formula. You will see there is nothing to compare. As we all get older the risk of heart and brain disease increase dramatically. B-vitamins are also best delivered and absorbed in liquid form, instead of tablets. I take it. Shop here for B4Health

Vitamin D3-K2 contains exactly what it says on the bottle. These two vitamins are essential together, to work properly. They are crucial to reverse osteoporosis, clear calcium build-up in the arteries, while being beneficial to the brain (dementia), joints, varicose veins, prostate, lung and liver health. You may have been advised by your doctor not to take it because you are on warfarin. You may decide to stop warfarin but I would then suggest that you need BlockBuster AllClear instead as that is great with Vitamin D3-K2. I take it. Shop here for Vitamin D3-K2

L-Carnitine + CoQ10 are another pair of overlooked nutrients, nicely combined here. Essential for vegetarians, there are countless studies showing they are beneficial for heart health, brain health and even weight loss. The Mayo Clinic reviewed 13 controlled studies involving 3,629 people and concluded that L-Carnitine reduced deaths by 27%, arrhythmias by 65% and angina symptoms by 40%. Need I say more? I take it. Shop here for L-Carnitine + CoQ10

Lithium Balance – This is a safe form of lithium (orotate) and is useful any time for balancing moods, specifically in the fall and winter months with SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder). Many people successfully use Lithium Orotate for depression, bi-polar, ADHD, alcoholism, post-traumatic stress, and even Alzheimer’s has shown benefits. I take it for the anti-ageing benefits. Shop here for Lithium Balance

Naturally Better Vitamin E – This is the best form of Vitamin E; 300% better absorbed than ordinary Vitamin E and the studies for this show it’s beneficial for: Improved Hair Growth *Stroke-Induced Injuries *Alzheimer’s Disease * Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD) * Cardio-Protection – Arterial Compliance * Cholesterol Reduction * Immune Function * Improves Skin Characteristics. Need I say more? I take it. Shop here for Naturally Better Vitamin E

Cinnamon27 – I covered this just a few weeks ago but just to recap this is a formulation to help you get balanced blood sugar within 27 days. It may take a little longer in a few cases but once your diet is resolved (as shown in my free eBook here) then you can stop it. This answers a few people that wrote to me asking do they take it take forever. No, you only take it until your diet is sorted and the blood levels are healthy. 27 days or as soon as your blood levels improve is fine. My diet means I do not need this. Shop here for Cinnamon27

While I will always say that the route to good health is diet, salt, water and exercise there are many people who will always need a helping hand, obtained from good supplements, such as the ones listed above.

Get the lifestyle right and the rest is easy.

PS. Plan on having a healthy life, not just a healthy few weeks. I am happy to support and help at whatever stage you are at, starting with diet. Quite often I get emails from people who have recovered their health and then lost it again.


They slipped back into old ways (food, drink etc). It really does amaze me when I know how ill these people have been.

Get serious with your health.

Make the necessary changes and then stick with them.

Stop all carbs – for good. Stop all sugar – for good. For your lifetime, not just for a few days.