Health News (Week 14 – 2017)
By Robert Redfern

Genes may load the gun…but it is lifestyle that pulls the trigger.

Cystic Fibrosis (author Robert Redfern)If you follow my FaceBook pages and specifically you may have read a testimonial from the father of a young girl who has been suffering from a genetic condition called Cystic Fibrosis. This condition has no cure by the medical establishment and most die young if they stick to the doctor’s advice.

The father in the Facebook post obviously decided he was not going to stick to doctor’s orders and looked for something else to help his daughter and he found BlockBusterAllClear and SerraPlus+.

These two are not in the plan in my book but are an amazingly good combination and he couldn’t have made a better choice to give her relief.

If you do not have FaceBook, this is his testimonial:

“My daughter Holly is now 13 and was diagnosed at birth with cystic fibrosis. She has been on Serrapeptase for over a year now (Blockbuster AllClear and SerraPlus+ with trace minerals 4x per day) and I would continue this as I do believe that it contributes to her wellbeing and quality of life.

Three years ago she was very poorly with pneumonia and the subsequent annual x-rays revealed a damaged area on her top right lung that was unlikely to ever fully recover. Last July, her latest x-ray revealed that the area had cleared up completely. Also her weight and height levels for her age are higher and people have remarked how well she looks since being on the Serrapeptase. Family members have also stated that her skin colour is now a much healthier colour. She is often mistaken for a 15 year old.

Holly has physiotherapy treatment every day to help clear mucus from her airways. This is very important as the mucus is a target breeding area for bacteria to grow. Serrapeptase reduces inflammation that can cause further mucus production, especially in the lungs.

Although Holly still produces a small amount of mucus from physiotherapy, it is not every day and most importantly, she has been well since taking Serrapeptase which has kept her lungs clear.”

– James T.

Cystic Fibrosis – What is it?

This is a gene disorder of the cells that line the lungs, small intestines, sweat glands, and pancreas. Mucus that houses infection contributes to the destruction of lung tissue and impedes gas exchange in the lungs.

It also prevents the absorption of nutrients in the small intestines by blocking ducts from the pancreas that release digestive enzymes. It is the most common life-threatening genetic disease among Caucasian groups, although it affects all races and ethnic groups.

Chronic under-nutrition, along with weight loss and growth failure are the precursors of premature death. It is imperative to prevent, with perfect nutrition, the symptoms of this chronic under-nutrition.

It is Perfectly Controllable

It breaks my heart to read in the newspapers of a young person dying from Cystic Fibrosis when it is possible to completely control all of the symptoms and to live a long and healthy life.

Genes may load the gun…but it is lifestyle that pulls the trigger.

Readers will know that I implore everyone to follow a really healthy foods plan to avoid disease and for young sufferers of this genetic Cystic Fibrosis it is even more imperative. Their lives depend upon it.

As ever I base my plan in the book not only on my experience of users getting good results but from scientific studies…

The plan may be familiar as it is a logical plan for good health, suitable for anyone including:

  1. Following a really healthy foods plan (especially stopping all starchy carbs and dairy products)
  2. Drinking 6 glasses of water over the day with a pinch of bicarbonate of soda in each glass
  3. Re-learning healthy breathing
  4. Walking to improve circulation
  5. Taking all of the supplements to clear up the problems and then reducing to the very minimum to keep healthy, including:
    1. Serranol – SerraEnzyme/Curcumin/EKC/Vitamin D3
    2. Nascent Iodine – The essential missing mineral
    3. Active Life Capsules – 130 nutrients for good health
    4. Magnesium Oil Ultra – Another essential missing nutrient
    5. Daily Immune Protection – The name says it all
    6. Prescript Biotics – The most powerful Pre and Probiotic
    7. OxySorb – Helps clear Co2 from the blood and lungs

I hope the father of the young lady sees this article and contacts me as she will no longer need physiotherapy to clear mucus if the above plan is followed.

The good news – this applies to all lung diseases.