Health News (Week 16 – 2015)
By Robert Redfern

“Too Many Vitamins Raises Risk of Heart Disease and Cancer”
“Too Many Vitamin Pills Can Cause Cancer”

Have you read or heard these confusing headlines over these last few days? What did you think…that this was a new revealing study?

An Act of Terrorism

I have had many concerned messages these last few days but also angry emails from readers who recognise that this is just another act of terrorism typical from the cancer holocaust gang members otherwise known as Oncologists. These gang members, not satisfied with terrorizing sick people, now resort to making up stories to terrorize healthy people to try and stop them getting sick.

This is NOT Science!

Even worse is that these articles in the media are based upon the opinion of a Dr. Byers, from the University of Colorado School of Public Health and are based upon a fictitious meta-analysis of old studies. (A meta-analysis can say anything the author wants to). There is no explanation as to which and why these studies were analyzed and with any good reason. These were old scam studies conducted many years ago with one apparent aim in mind and that was to fail or show a negative. This was done with faulty protocols or by choosing cheap synthetic vitamins that no nutritional scientist would ever consider healthy.

What Can We Learn From These Articles?

  • Sadly that the term doctor (and scientist) is being discredited more and more and is the cause of why many people no longer believe anything they say.
  • The media are partly to blame for the addiction to sensational stories rather than proper analysis and presentation of such articles of terrorism.
  • Cheap synthetic vitamins (all manufactured by Pharma Drug Companies) and in supermarkets and chain (so-called) health stores are not only useless but may also cause us harm and death.

What Can We Do To Keep Ourselves Safe?

The most important thing you can do to avoid cancer, lung, diabetes and heart diseases is to follow a really healthy diet and the supplements as shown in my books here, Including:

  • No grains and cereals, no high sugar foods, drinks and fruits, no GMO foods, no processed meats, no grain fed meats and no processed foods.
  • Every day aim to eat at least 10 portions of vegetables and dark skinned fruits, nuts, seeds, beans, healthy oils and healthy fish and meats.
  • Walk around 5 miles (8km) each day (or whatever you can manage).
  • Practice diaphragmatic breathing each day.
  • Do not sit down for more than 3 hours per day.
  • Supplement the critical nutrients missing from all foods as a result of natural depletion, as much as you can afford. Click on the links below to see my recommendations:

See the full plan for any specific condition in my books here