Health News (Week 29 – 2017)
By Robert Redfern

It seems every time I hear the news and read a newspaper they are talking about the epidemic of Alzheimer’s and Diabetes Type 2. Just yesterday I read that new ‘ground-breaking’ drugs will be available over the next 5 years for Alzheimer’s and the number of drugs available for Diabetes continues to mount. Do you, like me, think this is ridiculous? Why are there many drugs for any disease when if even one of them worked there wouldn’t be a need for all the rest…?

The fact is there are no drugs that reverse Alzheimer’s and Diabetes and all of the ‘ground-breaking’ drug announcements over the past 30 years are all fake. In fact drugs are frequently identified as a causal factor in these and many other conditions.

Alzheimer’s & Diabetes

Why am I linking these two conditions? These conditions are costing billions every year, destroying families, communities, as well as the finances of our countries. The cause of both of them as well as most conditions is exactly the same – unhealthy lifestyle.

Even doctors and researchers (not paid by drug companies) agree with my statement and many of them are already appealing to governments to take measures to help prevent them. The problem is that the people in power are mainly corrupt, take donations and in many cases outright bribes from the corporations. These corporations don’t want any measures that help people to get off their drugs and achieve good health through lifestyle changes.

The Main Cause!

Both Alzheimer’s and Diabetes 2 have a prime cause from consuming high levels of sugar and carbs and not enough fats. There are many studies showing even vitamin deficiencies are a factor such as Vitamin D3.

Alzheimer’s is not caused by plaque. In fact, Alzheimer’s is being called Diabetes 3 as it is linked directly to a high sugar diet. I wrote a few years ago about a ground-breaking study from Spain and this confirms what I have known for a while and forms the basis of the plan in my book.

There are various studies as to why we get Alzheimer’s including a virus and bacteria. They could both be correct, but the Spanish study confirmed that there is fungus and inflammation in the brains only of those with Alzheimer’s and not in anyone else. Fungus, bacteria and virus can all coexist and usually do for the same reasons.

Diabetes 2 as everyone knows has a high sugar diet as its prime cause and any doctor who gives you drugs rather than a healthy meal plan is not a good doctor in my opinion.

The good news is that Alzheimer’s (also called Diabetes 3) and Diabetes 2 can both be prevented with the same lifestyle changes.

The Causes of Alzheimer’s and Diabetes 2

Weak immune systems are caused by:

  • Ageing – As we age, our body and our immune system needs more loving tender care to keep it strong (both these conditions are being found in younger and younger people).s
  • Sugar – Sugar contained in bread, cookies, biscuits, breakfast cereals, rice, potatoes, parsnips, and high sugar fruits.
  • Grains and Cereals – Contain fungus (watch how fast bread without chemical preservatives goes mouldy if you leave it out).
  • Ground Nuts – Can contain fungus (e.g. peanuts).
  • Mouldy House – Living in a damp, mouldy, poorly ventilated house will contaminate your body and leave you open to Alzheimers and many diseases.
  • Lack of Exercise – Walking 5 miles every day or the equivalent mix of walking and exercise is essential to oxygenate your body and brain. Oxygen is critical for a healthy body and brain. Sedentary people who consume a high sugar diet are at greater risk of lower limb amputation. We cannot live for more than a few minutes without oxygen, it is almost impossible to breathe efficiently in a sitting position. Laying down is better than sitting. Walking is best.
  • Lack of Critical Minerals – Minerals are critical for the immune system to work effectively. Magnesium, Selenium and Iodine are just a few of the critical minerals.
  • Lack of Essential VitaminsVitamin D3 and others are essential to support a healthy immune system.
  • Drinking Water – Almost everyone is not drinking the correct amount of water. Your blood will become unhealthy without this critical nutrient and you cannot live for more than 7 days without water. Add 1/3rd teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda to each of the 6 large glasses of water each day and this will help to clear the fungus.
  • Real Foods – Real food is vegetables (greens), dark skinned fruits, seeds and fats from oily fish and other seafoods.

Does this seem a lot to do to avoid Alzheimer’s? It is simply how you need to be living your life to enjoy a healthy future. Not only to avoid Alzheimer’s but to stay active and independent. Avoiding becoming a burden on family and society is the most fulfilling thing you can experience and it is all possible.

Alzheimer’s – Do you need help?

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