Health News (Week 45 – 2017)
By Robert Redfern

Are You Still Taking Statins? Why?

Do you or someone you love still take statins because you have been told they will help to save your life? I am sure the information you have on this comes from the medical system who get all of their information from the pharmaceutical business who are known liars and have been fined billions for their deceit. The lie is simply that high cholesterol is a major factor as a cause of high disease and a worse lie is that taking statins will save your life.

How Big Is The Problem?

Many hundreds of thousands die every year from heart disease, and you would expect your doctor to give you accurate information as to the cause of the heart disease and the deaths that result from it.

I could spend pages quoting the sources of my previous paragraph which are all high-level doctors, professors and researchers who are clear that statins are not the holy grail for preventing premature deaths from heart disease.

The Pharmaceutical industry is not a health-care industry, it is a disease care industry. They make money by you being and staying unhealthy. They deliver the information via a brainwashed and tame medical system that knows if they step out of line they are out of a job.

Worse still is that statins have side effects such as lowering essential CoQ10 which in itself is likely to shorten your life. The last of the lies are exposed by the fact that half of all people who have heart attacks have normal or low cholesterol.

These lies are distorted by the many claims about good and bad cholesterol but the fact is cholesterol, levels are not the problem but simply yet another warning that we have a problem. In fact, low cholesterol is a greater danger to our health.

What Are The Real Tests for Heart Disease?

There are three markers of heart disease and premature death but try asking your doctor for a test for this first critical marker, and you are unlikely to get a yes.

The First Test is for Homocysteine a chemical in the blood that is produced when an amino acid called methionine is broken down in the body. We all have some homocysteine in our blood, and a healthy test should show a level of 6. Every point increase above this base level is an indication of sick arteries and ill health of the heart and eventually premature death. A sick, at-risk level, is around 16. Get it tested whatever it takes and get it down to 6.

Why May I Not Get A Homocysteine Test From My Doctor?

Your doctor is misled about this mainly because it does not need drugs to correct. Also, if I was cynical, your doctor is misguided because, if you fix your Homocysteine, then you are well on your way to good health, and then where is the profit in healthy patients for the Pharmaceutical industry?

High Homocysteine Is Too Easy To Fix?

The problem for the Pharmaceutical Industry is that lowering your Homocysteine is easy and permanent and you don’t need drugs.

All you need to do is to change to a healthy diet, eat more fats and take a supplement that contains the B vitamins including folate instead of the synthetic Folic Acid which doctors have been told are good for you.

This is another lie and especially bad for pregnant women. There is a large percentage of the population for whom Folic Acid is useless and yet 100% of the population benefits from Folate. My formulations containing Folate are B4Health and Active Live.

The Second Test is High C-Reactive Protein which is something more people hear about, and is a measure of inflammation in the blood. Those with high levels are up to four times as likely to die from CVry artery disease, heart attack or stroke compared to those with low levels.

Again, your doctor will not offer you the easy solution and has been told what drugs they are allowed to offer. Again, there is no profit in an easy fix for the Pharmaceutical Industry.

The easy fix for inflammation in the blood is, change to a healthy diet, drink 6 glasses of water, and to take anti-inflammatory enzymes and curcumin. My formulations for inflammation are SerraEnzyme, CurcuminX4000 or Serranol.

The Third Test Is For High Triglycerides which may be part of your doctor’s tests and since the drugs are not recommended, they simply may recommend fish oil (which sounds weird?).

If they read up on the cause of damage from High Triglycerides, they would see that even after eating healthy fats, there is still an increase for a short period, but the bad fats and carbs are the real culprits that do the damage. Unhealthy foods and especially eating carbs, sugar and high sugar fruits.

The easy fix for healthy Triglycerides is to follow a healthy diet and to take krill oil.
My recommended formulations are Krill Oil.

So, in conclusion:

Studies Shows Diet is More Effective Than Statins

If you want healthier cholesterol levels and a lower risk of cardiovascular disease, then a new study at Harvard Medical School by scientists who looked at the results from 49 separate clinical trials showed that a healthier diet was better than statins.

Unfortunately, your doctor may not be taking advice from this study but may carry on allowing drug companies and their representatives to give biased information.

Diet Is the Real Disease

The real cause of disease is diet, and long-time readers of my newsletters and books will see, I have not changed this advice for the past 25 years. Grains, cereals, GMO foods and animal feed in factory farms, along with processed foods are the prime cause, and this is a better and more accurate marker for disease than high cholesterol. This marker is called ‘High Homocysteine’. High levels (over the base of 6) increase risk of premature death by up to 10% for every point above base. A poor diet, especially if lacking in B-vitamins is the prime factor in elevated Homocysteine.

Where Does This Leave You?

I trust you are researching all of the information and are reading this as part of your research. If so then these are the facts as far as the latest science shows:

  1. Statins do not work to give you a longer healthier life and have numerous body and mind side-effects.
  2. High cholesterol is not a disease and if anything, it’s a warning and your body’s best attempt to protect your arteries from the inflammatory damage caused by eating grains, cereals, and other unnatural foods.
  3. High Homocysteine is a disease and lowering it will help you to live a longer and healthier life.
  4. This inflammation is caused by eating grains and cereals and other unnatural foods. This includes the so-called ‘healthy’ whole-grains.

How do you live a longer and healthier life?
Gain healthy cholesterol?
Achieve healthy Homocysteine?

  1. Stop all grains, cereals, sugar, high sugar fruits. Yes, all of them and if in doubt – leave it out!
  2. Take B4Health Spray as the best and most powerful and absorbable B-Vitamin complex.
  3. Take Active Life – 130 Nutrients/Vitamin/Minerals to deliver a full spectrum of micronutrients.
  4. 4. If you are over 45, consider UB8Q10 Ubiquinol. Take 50mg x 2 times per day (this is x8 better than ordinary CoQ10).
  5. Consider BlockBuster or Serranol as a long-term cardiovascular anti-inflammatory.
  6. Consider Krill Oil.

The Good News: You will live healthier and longer