Health News (Week 37 – 2017)
By Robert Redfern

I was listening to the BBC this week about a program on aging. As usual my wife Anne tells me to stop arguing with the radio (actually I listen on my phone) and to instead write an article on it. Since I have already written dozens of aging articles which you can search in the next best thing is to discuss it in my weekly newsletter.

The BBC (Biased Broadcasting Corporation)

The BBC program was the usual biased interview with ‘Health Professionals’ who have a speciality of dealing with infirmity caused by aging. I have three arguments with these people: 1. Is that that they don’t discuss health in the terms that I recognise. 2. They all blamed infirmities as a consequence of getting old. 3. They also bragged that since they were doing such a wonderful job, the most serious infirmity (death) was helping people to live so much longer, and that it was expected that there would be a huge increase in infirmities. The bias came when the interviewer did not challenge them on any of these three assertions. I disagree and challenge their claims here.

I Disagree

I disagree with these people and with ‘most’ people working in the medical system, that infirmities are initially caused by aging. I especially disagree that the medical system is the main cause of the increase in the lifespan of those over 65.

The statistics show that the life expectancy of 65 year-olds has increased only by 7 years since 1896. That increase is probably due to clean water, sanitation and safer working conditions. Any beneficial claims the medical system can claim from their treatments are far outweighed by the huge increase in deaths from pharmaceutical drugs and infections in hospitals.

There are many official studies showing that aging and infirmities can be reversed which you can find by a simple web search, “studies on reversing infirmities in elderly people”. They can be confusing and conflicting and my plan on it may sound simple, but it is based on my own research of studies and will show results within a few months.

The Cause of Most Infirmities

If the medical system is confused and wrong, it is not surprising that the general population also get things wrong. Of course, the medical system is run by the Pharma/Medical/Mafia who fraudulently claim they are ‘health professionals’. Since their profits are gained by disease management rather than health management it is not surprising patients are not given the truth.

Infirmities and premature death at any age but especially in old age are mainly caused by:

  1. A lack of a full daily exercise program including walking and body weight exercises.
  2. Sitting down for more than 3 hours per day and over 8 hours per day dramatically increases both premature death and infirmity risk.
  3. A lack of critical vitamins and minerals can and does lead to many of the diseases that cause premature death and infirmities.
  4. Not drinking at least 6x500ml of pure water with a pinch of bicarbonate soda in each glass.
  5. Not eating a healthy diet, high in green vegetables, dark skinned fruits, nuts, seeds, seaweeds and fats.
  6. Eating unhealthy foods such as grains, cereals, processed foods, sugary foods and drinks, processed meats, eggs and farmed fish all fed on GMO cereals.
  7. Detoxing on a regular basis is essential and helps to clear some of the toxins and chemicals that are permeating modern life.
  8. Not enough Rock Salt in your diet. Rock salt is created in ancient sea beds and has more minerals than modern salt offerings. You need at least 3 teaspoons per day and more in hot sweaty weather.
  9. Not having enough purpose in life. This could be the most important and I don’t just mean staying alive. I mean having a reason for staying alive e.g. carrying on earning a living because you don’t have an adequate pension or simply just voluntary work using your skills to help others.

You can read most of the things to do in my Anti-Aging eBook which although it majors on reversing aging in skin, is designed to show that an anti-aging program’s success will be reflected in the health of your skin.

Chinese Health Practitioners use the skin on the face to diagnose internal health problems and so when you look better in the mirror you will know you are better inside. There may be some skin breakouts when you first change to a healthy diet which is a detox effect.

For a more specific health recovery plan see the full range of health plans here:


The very minimum critical nutrients can be resolved in:

Active Life which has all of the 130 nutrients needed in a healthy diet. There are 130 capsules in the bottle and can last from 1 month up to 6 months depending upon the need and your finances.

Prescript-Biotics for powerful probiotics which are not in any diet but are so powerful that 1 or 2 per week means a bottle can last up to 3-6 months.

Those that have a greater need for recovery from existing conditions can consider:

Serranol which contains Serrapeptase, CurcuminX4000, Ecklonia Cava seaweed extract and high doses of Vitamin D3.

Nascent Iodine Drops for those who do not have seaweeds in their diet most days.

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Getting infirm as you age is preventable. Of course, if you have a serious health problem then contact my Health Coaches for help and support at