Health News (Week 31- 2016)
By Robert Redfern

In the past seven days you may have seen or heard headlines saying something along the lines of; ‘GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) and Google team up to create new bioelectronics’…

Everyone has heard of Google but most have not heard of GSK…but it is famous for having paid the highest fine in history for medical drug fraud of $3billion. This week the above headline really caught my attention as they are planning to spend between them nearly $750million on researching the exciting discovery that our bodies’ healing system works on the basis of micro-current frequencies around the nerves and in the cells. I have news for Google and GSK it is not new…

You are too late Google and GSK.

I do not know whether to laugh or cry. Since 1990 we have been manufacturing and delivering the world’s foremost bioelectronics treatment device – HealthPoint. For the whole of the 90’s Anne and I toured around the USA, Canada and Europe giving talks and trainings on Bioelectronics and how our HealthPoint is the most effective bioelectronics device available. 90% of all sales were for simple things such as arthritic knees and back problems but it does so much more…Allergies, asthma, eczema, headaches, stress…these are just a few examples of the 160 different conditions covered in the treatment manual.

About HealthPoint:


In the mid 90’s, eye doctors in the USA started using HealthPoint to reverse macular degeneration and even genetic conditions such as Retinitis Pigmentosis. No one was more amazed than me that the most common type of blindness could be completely reversed in some cases using HealthPoint, nutrition and a lifestyle change.

Stress/Mental Focus2016-31-02

Earlobe Clip attachments that connect to HealthPoint have amazing results for relaxation as well as improving mental focus; for example they can be used when studying and before bed.

2016-31-03For Horses & Dogs too

HealthPoint has been used by owners, trainers and grooms, by some of the foremost stables around the world and even on cutting horses. It seems that horses respond even better than humans in some cases to many of the conditions in the horse treatment manual. It’s also particularly effective for relaxing stressed animals.

Dogs respond just as effectively as horses to the treatment in the manual. Most people start using it when vets state there is nothing that can be done.

History of HealthPoint…

My wife Anne first noticed bioelectronics around 1989 and used it to successfully treat her father’s arthritic knees. In early 1992 we came across the research by Dr. Julian Kenyon MD at the Centre for the Study of Complementary Medicine in Southampton, using tiny bioelectronic currents to locate and stimulate acupuncture points. We had looked at the available devices and realized they needed many improvements if they were to be used by home users as well as professionals. We approached Dr. Kenyon and gained his help to develop HealthPoint, which was to become the world’s most accurate, and effective electro-acupuncture device.

HealthPoint was developed in the UK and was initially successfully manufactured in Cheshire for the first 17 years; this has now moved to cope with demand.

HealthPoint… comes as a complete kit with everything you need to become a master at locating and treating acupuncture points- it is very easy to use. In fact everything that acupuncture can treat can be self-treated. The kit contains: HealthPoint machine, a 160-page user guide, full training DVD and all of the attachments needed to deal with just about every condition, including stress and eye problems, as already mentioned.

2016-31-04Our Website answers most of the questions that potential users may have; you can also view the training video to get a fuller understanding of how to use HealthPoint. You can also see how easily it can be used to treat animals.

HealthPoint is totally safe…and it’s even used in pregnancy, on children and by customers with pacemakers. There are no adverse effects. HealthPoint is in use by tens of thousands of people worldwide and has been used daily by UK hospitals, GP’s and physiotherapists for the past 25 years.

Additional Training… is always available by phone and internet.

We introduced…a new improved model in 2009 to make it even easier to use and we plan to expand sales to every country worldwide!

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