Zeaxanthin may help to reduce wrinkles in women according to a new study. The carotenoid was shown to provide super hydration and to improve the appearance of facial lines and wrinkles, according to data published in the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology. It also indicated that when the supplements were combined with a topical cream this lead to better hydration when compared to a placebo.

Researchers who conducted the clinical trials concluded that Zeaxanthin’s effects weren’t surprising that the emerging fine lines and wrinkles showed considerable improvements when combined with the dietary supplement and the topical serum. The hydrating effects mean that the skin plumped up with the topical serum, resulting in smoother and more textured skin. The dietary supplement was also shown to improve the severity and number of wrinkles, when the composite measure of the deep lines, wrinkle length and width were taken into account…but became worse in the placebo group.

These results provide further support to using Zeaxanthin for general skin health and overall protection. Zeaxanthin is most commonly associated with Lutein in eye health products and is known as a Xanthophyll carotenoid that’s found in high levels within the eye’s macula. These compounds are designed to act as antioxidants to protect the eye from the damaging effects of blue light and by preventing free radical damage. The Zeaxanthin can also provide protection against against the UV’s light on the skin although the scientific literature on this is inconclusive.

In this new study, the researchers tested Zeaxanthin’s effects when combined with Sea Buckthorn Fruit Oil, Alpha Lipoic Acid Greem Tea, Red Clover Leaf, Gotu Kola Seed, Wheat Ceramides, Maritime Pine Bark and Vitamins C, D3 and E with or without a topical skin therapy in women over the average age of 60. These women were divided into three groups such as placebo, supplements only or supplements plus topical cream for 12 weeks.

The results indicated that 31 women completed the study and they showed significant improvements from their baseline levels. Both of the supplement groups were shown to have statistically significant differences within the placebo group. The differences in the placebo group were observed in terms of total wrinkle count after four weeks of study and for the supplement plus topical group. Both of these active groups were found to be statistically different from the average baseline scores and wrinkle severity at week 12, as compared with the placebo.

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