Health News (Week 34 – 2015)
By Robert Redfern

Over the past 30 years the story of the frog and boiling water comes around and I read it and nod my head in agreement but this is the first time I have written about it. What I have noticed about this and other stories is that no matter how many times I read them, they mean something different each time. Maybe this is because we get wiser as we get older and we gain greater insight? Hmm, pity the frog in the story does not get wiser over time…

The Frog

The story of the frog and boiling water goes like this. Various studies have been conducted over hundreds of years on frogs in pans of cold water. The water was rapidly heated whereupon the frog would react to the sudden heat and jump out quickly to safety and to escape death. When the water was heated very slowly over many hours the frog would stay in the water getting acclimatized to the heat and eventually die as the water reached boiling point.

Why would the frog not realise until it was too late that its death was imminent?

150 years ago, William Thomas Sedgwick theorised:

“The truth appears to be that if the heating be sufficiently gradual, no reflex movements will be produced even in the normal frog; if it be more rapid, yet take place at such a rate as to be called ‘gradual’, it will not secure the repose of the normal frog under any circumstances.”

In modern English, he is saying the frog is not intelligent enough to realise that the nice warm, cosy water will eventually cause harm and kill.

Am I any more intelligent than the frog?

Before the age of 40 when I had my epiphany, I can say I did not use my intelligence and in reality, was no better than the frog. I smoked cigarettes, ate junk food (not served by my wife I must add). It was the premature death of my parents that made me realise I was in the same pan of hot water that killed them.

The pan of water is a metaphor for lifestyle. It seems so innocuous to reward children with junk foods and drinks or even worse consume them ourselves whilst in their company. It takes a very strong parent or grandparent to protect children from this ‘pan of water’. We are in effect telling them it is OK to stay in the pan of water.

I noticed that on UK television there is a baking competition where the contestants are creating the most unhealthy cakes and breads. There is no warning at the bottom of the screen saying, “Don’t Try This at Home!”

Imagine if there was a TV competition where the contestants had to create the best roll-up chemical free cigarettes. There would be a massive outcry…yet these are equally as unhealthy as cakes and breads.

Should we stop all risks to a healthy life?

Intelligent risk taking is what prevents our progress and we would never have left the Garden of Eden and populated the world without intelligent risk. If we constantly evaluate the level of risk with our actions, we will not sit in the water as it clearly gets hotter.

I wish I could say I am perfect now but at least I recognise the truths and the risks (of the water getting hotter) along with my failings. I am always trying to stay aware of this and correct them.

The risks include: not walking enough, sitting down too much, not drinking enough water, not eating enough greens and dark skinned fruits, eating grains, cereals, sugary foods, not breathing correctly, taking drugs and other medical chemicals and allowing myself to be over-stressed by situations instead of enjoying life.

I have read thousands of articles over the past 30 years to find truth about health as an alternative to the corrupt pharmaceutical model. It soon became obvious that most people don’t have 30 years to keep making mistakes and that there had to be a better way, so I wrote a series of books to provide an easy step-by-step guide with changes about how to get healthy.

The good news is that you now have a better way to make the changes needed because you now have ‘My Good Health Club’ where you can get FREE ‘Health Coaching’ and support to help you plan these changes. With ‘My Good Health Club’ you can create a working plan and get weekly support to motivate and help you stay on the plan.

The plans are in my books and you can get these as a free download or as a printed version.

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Simple Food and Lifestyle Changes Will Help Prevent This Tragedy:

The studies are absolutely clear on this but while your doctor may make references to it they do not beg you to make the changes. I will because I am 100% sure your life will be better with these changes:

  • Stop all Bread, Pasties, Cookies, Breakfast Grains & Cereals, Rice, Potatoes, Parsnips and Wheat Pasta.
    Because they contain things that are dangerously detrimental to your health. Yes even organic grains and cereals!
  • Stop all processed drinks such as Cola, Fruit Juices, and excess alcoholic drinks.
    Because they are high in sugars and chemical alternatives to sugars.
  • Add lots of green vegetables in smoothies, soups, and salads.
    Because they stimulate growth factors that reverse ageing and keep you younger. Try a 60 day Green Smoothie Diet and look in the mirror if you want to prove it to yourself.
  • Add lots of Dark skinned fruits such as Avocados, Blueberries, Raspberries and other berriesetc.
    Because these are full of natural antioxidants to protect your arteries and brain from damage.
  • Add lots of Exercise and movement and stop sitting down for more than 3 hours per day.
    Studies are absolutely clear sitting down for more than 3 hours per day is devastating for your healthy future. Walking for a couple of hours per day, rebounding on a mini trampoline and simple stretching and muscle exercises will prevent disease and keep you strong.
  • Add Water: Drink Water.
    Drinking 6-8 glasses of water over the day before 6pm will help keep you healthy and lower your blood pressure when combined with the above.
  • Add Salt: Take rock salt or unprocessed sea salt daily.
    To maintain some of the missing minerals from the diet.
  • Add Purpose To Your Life: Keep working or at least do voluntary work but do something of value to you and society. This will keep you younger. I feel like a 40 year old!

Take The Critical Supplements Missing From The Diet:

Whatever your budget you cannot risk not taking something and ending up with bills that will bankrupt you. Whether it is one or two things such as Iodine, Selenium or Active Life, or the 15 things my wife and I take daily, they are infinitely cheaper than spending thousands on nursing care after a stroke or dementia.

Don’t stay in the pan of water a minute longer. Whether you are aged 19 or 90, following the plan above can get you out of the pan and the heat of an unhealthy future.