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Whatever else is happing in this crazy world your best friend’s health is important.

Whether it is you, your spouse or your pet, there is never a better time to get serious about achieving good health.

Today, it is your enduring best friend – your pet who may need your help.

Rosi sent me some videos which brought tears to my eyes.

Rosi said:

“My dog suffered from Lyme Disease and after visiting the vet, he was given steroids. His condition did not improve and he struggled to walk. After giving my dog Serrapeptase I am amazed at the results. As you can see my dog is now healthy, happy and can run with ease!”

Oral Cancerous Tumor on Dog and Cyst on German Shepherd Rescue Dog

Dear Good Health Naturally,

Dear seller, please keep selling this product at this affordable price. I have checked other prices excluding delivery and yours is the best. Hence, I am buying another one. I know SerraPet works as it dissolved my Labrador’s oral cancerous tumour. I am now buying it for my GSD rescue dog for her cysts. Many thanks, seller, for being fair.

– Bev

Dog in Pain

My brother’s 9-year-old dog nearly had to be put down last Xmas as he suddenly couldn’t move without yelping in pain. After several vets’ visits and a £3000 scan, we were none the wiser! I had some SerraPet and we gave him a hefty dose every day. Within a week he was back to normal! Absolutely incredible. He now has a maintenance dose and is like a puppy.

– Karen

Hi Robert,

I am trying to order more SerraPet tablets and can’t. Where can I get them if you don’t have them? They are working wonderfully for my dog and I need more!

– Vik

There are a complete range of nutrients and treatments and you can download the complete 4-page leaflet showing all of the details here.

Treatments are becoming so expensive it may be better to try nutrients first and expensive treatments last.

SerraPet® contains a powerful 250,000iu Serrapeptase, giving you an organic, naturally processed proteolytic enzyme with researched anti-inflammatory mediating effects, to help support many normal body processes in your pet. Serrapeptase enzyme in SerraPet®, may help to promote your Pet’s inflammatory system health, and may contribute toward lung, joint, tendon, cartilage and connective tissue support. High-dose serrapeptase can be most effective when taken on an empty stomach. Tablets can be easily broken in 2 parts for very small dogs.
Suitable for vegetarians and vegans. Available in 30 and 90 tablets.

Todays Offer

We have now a pack price on SerraPet 250,000IU. When you buy one SerraPet 90 tablets, you get a SerraPet 250,000IU 30 tablets for FREE

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Serrapeptase works great on humans but even better on our animals. In the same way, preventative health care is better than emergency healthcare for you, it is the same for your pets.