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This newsletter is for everyone who wants immune protection. It’s for anyone who wants to build a strong immune defense against illness. I want to show you how to get all of the benefits of a strong immune system, by taking various scientifically proven ingredients – combined in this ‘All-In-One’ most powerful immune offering.

In this newsletter, I will talk about my own recommendation – as I formulated this ‘All-In-One’ immune protection supplement over 10 years ago and my family has taken it every day since. I don’t want to distract from its importance by offering too many other choices, so today’s newsletter will focus on this alone.

For New Readers

Thirty-five years ago, my mother died of lung disease at age 62 and my 64-year-old father died a short while later of cancer.

I researched the causes of their deaths in-depth. I soon found evidence that the majority of diseases that people prematurely die from are completely preventable. I discovered evidence that these diseases are mainly caused by an unhealthy diet, lack of critical nutrients, and lifestyle factors – all of which create unhealthy bodies.

Since discovering this scientifically obvious, yet commonly unknown evidence, I have followed my own health plan. I celebrated my 75th birthday last January and I am still truly fit and healthy, and I want to help all my readers to achieve the same results, at any age.

The 10 Most Powerful Ingredients for Immune Defence

I formulated this product that could be taken by everyone from infants to the oldest family members. It can be taken all year round as it helps immune protection in the winter and allergy response in the summer.

  1. EpiCor®
  2. ExSelen (Selenium)
  3. Vitamin D3 (Cholecalciferol)
  4. Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid)
  5. OptiZinc (chelated zinc)
  6. Dimethylglycine HCL
  7. Immune Assist – Micron Powder.
  8. Larch Arabinogalactan Powder.
  9. Immudyne Beta Glucan1,3 1,6
  10. Elderberry Fruit Extract

You may be familiar with these ingredients.

EU Approved Health Claims for Selenium, Vitamin D, Vitamin C, and Zinc:

The EU has approved the following health claims including Selenium, Vitamin D and Zinc can contribute to the normal function of the immune system. While Vitamin C can contribute to the normal function of the immune system during and after intense physical exercise.

Also Contains EpiCor®

To Support A Balanced Immune System

EpiCor® is a fermented supplement ingredient used to boost the immune system. It has major advantages over generic immune system ingredients:

  • Patented. EpiCor® is made through a unique, proprietary fermentation process that produces a mixture of active ingredients not found in any other supplement.
  • Clinically Researched. EpiCor®’s immune system benefits are supported by numerous high-quality human studies.
  • Digestive Benefits. Unlike other immune ingredients, EpiCor® also supports digestive health by nourishing the gut microbiome.

Supports A Strong Human Immune System

The human immune system is constantly being challenged by factors such as environmental pollution, day-to-day stress, poor dietary choices, and even the normal aging process. Health conditions can affect the immune system that isn’t working optimally, such as allergies, weakened stress defences, inflammation, weight gain, digestive problems, sleep issues, and premature aging.

You can read more in the article in Naturally Healthy News here

Health Care Fundamental Rules

All of these rules are detailed further in my eBooks that you can view and download at

  1. Breathe Properly – Oxygen is the most critical element for life and health since most people cannot live more than 5 minutes without it. Oxygen is critical for healthy cells, regeneration of your body and is the essential fuel for your immune system. You can improve the oxygenation of the body by learning to breathe from the diaphragm (tummy). I also recommend laying down instead of sitting down.
  2. Sit Less – Those who sit for more than 8 hours per day are more likely to have health problems and die younger than those who sit for less than 3 hours per day. When you are sitting your breathing is the least effective. If you are unable to stand, laying down is better than sitting.
  3. Drink Plenty of Water (with Sodium Bicarbonate) – Water is the second most critical nutrient and most people would die after 7 days of drinking no water. Consume around 3 litres of pure water over the day (with a small amount of Bicarbonate of Soda and Organic Liquid Trace Minerals added for extra benefits). Tip: Prepare the bottles in the morning and take them with you or leave them on the table to remind you.
  4. Walk More – Walking is vital for two reasons; improving breathing and intake of oxygen and circulating blood around the body. The heart is not a pump and does not pump blood around the body it is a circulator and needs walking movement to work efficiently. To get the most benefits; walk at a good pace with longer strides whilst keeping your pelvis slightly forward and tucked in at the bottom of the spine. If you cannot walk then lay on your back with your legs elevated and cycle your legs every few minutes.
  5. Stop eating all grains, cereals, and other high-sugar foods and drinks – Research indicates that the consumption of wheat contributes to the growth of pathogenic bacteria in our gut, adding to the mounting concern that grain/cereal (often contaminated with Roundup herbicide) is one of the worst types of foods to consume for gut health. The foods to avoid include; high-sugar foods and drinks, breads, pastry, biscuits, breakfast cereals, rice, potatoes, parsnips, and wheat-based pasta. See alternative recipes at my, select Keto for the best health options.
  6. Eat more greens, other colourful vegetables, and dark-skinned fruits – Organic options are best if possible. Many of the discount supermarkets offer organic foods at low prices.
  7. Take Nutritional Supplements – Your body and cells nееd specific nutrіеnts to funсtіоn орtіmаllу. Most of the critical vitamins and minerals are no longer in foods in sufficient quantities. This is particularly important for if/when children are planned, and as we age. The Government Nutritionists will claim that eating a balanced diet contains all of the nutrients needed. This is simply not true. Most critical minerals are dangerously deficient.

Iver Animal de-Wormer 😉

After hours of research and feedback from many of my readers, I now 100% recommend a 10-day course of Iver Animal de-Wormer twice a year and especially for those at greater risk of respiratory illness. It is available from GHN in India and go to to order. It is very inexpensive at £25+shipping for a box containing 10×10 day 25mg tablet Courses.


This is a powerful immune product but you still need the missing Magnesium, OIL ULTRA, to support every function of the body including activating Vitamin D.

D.I.P. Daily Immune Protection™
A super nutrient formulation of natural, proven ingredients including EpiCor® and eXselen™ Selenium along with Zinc, Vitamin C, Vitamin D3 and Elderberry Fruit Extract, Immune Assist Micron Powder and Larch Arabinogalactan Powder. Provides 39mg of Immudyne Beta Glucan 1,3 and 1,6 for optimal immune response. May protect against infections, allergens and support healthy cell growth. Suitable for vegetarians.

Ancient Magnesium® Oil Ultra with OptiMSM
An easy-to-use topical Magnesium Oil in a convenient spray. Provides Guaranteed 100% Zechstein Magnesium Oil, plus OptiMSM, the world’s purest MSM for enhanced absorption. Recommended for supporting your daily magnesium requirements for optimal health. Suitable for vegetarians and vegans. 100ml.

Ancient Magnesium® ULTRA LOTION

Genuine Zechstein Magnesium Chloride and OptiMSM that’s rapidly absorbed into the skin for maximum magnesium intake. Ancient Magnesium Lotion offers a gentle concentration of magnesium chloride with rich plant moisturisers like coconut oil and shea butter to soothe and hydrate the skin without feeling greasy. Suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Ancient Magnesium® Flakes ULTRA
Ancient Magnesium Bath flakes are dry flakes of magnesium chloride hexahydrate and other trace minerals, in a convenient and economical form for utilization in baths and foot soaks, approximately 47% magnesium chloride by weight. Additionally, to magnesium chloride and other minerals, Magnesium Flakes Ultra also includes sulfur in the form of MSM for enhanced absorption of magnesium into cells. Suitable for vegetarians and vegans.