Health News (Week 50 – 2014)
By Robert Redfern

I not only write newsletters but I subscribe to and read many newsletters myself and most of them at present rather than talk about, ‘peace on earth’, are dwelling on devastation on earth. Other than exposing the gigantic fraud of the pharma/medical mafia, I resist joining in with the doom and gloom newsletters.

I resist this not because I want to bury my head in the sand but because most of it is misreported and/or I believe the majority of people in the world are ‘unsane’ (unsane people are not quite sane – my definition). I believe the 80:20 rule, which may apply to everything including the peoples of the world, also applies to health.

The 80:20 Rule

The 80–20 rule, also known as, ‘The Pareto Principle’, is the law of the vital few and states that, for many events, roughly 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes. Italian economist Vilfredo Pareto observed in 1906 that 80% of the land in Italy was owned by 20% of the population. It is claimed that Pareto developed the principle by observing that 20% of the pea pods in his garden contained 80% of the peas.

Pareto also developed both concepts in the context of the distribution of income and wealth among the population. Even in commerce it is said that 80% of all sales comes from 20% of a customer base and therefore successful companies focus 80% of their effort on the 20% customer base (who produce most sales) and 20% of their effort on the 80% customer base (who produce the least sales). The unsane would give 80% of their focus to the 80% customer base under the illusion that they can beat the Pareto Law, which gives power to my claim that ‘unsanity’ is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting things to get better. In a nutshell, give your main focus onto what works but still give a little attention to what does not work quite as well (just in case)

What has this 80:20 rule got to do with health?

There have been hundreds of books written on how to use the 80:20 rule to become more successful in all aspects of your life but none that I can find in regards to your health. I believe this same 80:20 rule applies with all aspects of our lives and particularly with my interest: health. Why am I interested in health? Because I have a 20-year plan to develop a worldwide coaching support system for those like me who want to get and stay healthy all of their lives.

Readers will know both of my parents died in their early 60’s and that does not bode well for me. I will be in my 70th year in just over a month from now and the only way to achieve my 20 year goal is to get healthier and to stay healthier. If we apply the ‘Pareto Principle’ to health we should apply 80% of our effort to the 20% of things that will result in the greatest health benefits.

Just to be clear

I do not hold myself out to be some sort of superman of health and that it’s easy for me to achieve (my) good health. From writing this newsletter I am examining myself and planning the changes that I need to make.

Applying the 80:20 Rule to Good Health

The 80:20 rule works and is proven by our experience of everything in the world. Therefore 80% of my available spare time must apply to health. Spare time is that time that you are not working or spending on essential chores for yourself and family. Learning how to apply it to health care is my goal.

Time. At the moment I do not give myself enough health time and my excuse is I work too many hours (16hrs per day), so this will have to be reduced.

What do I need health time for?


The amount of time I have been giving to exercises and walking has slowly reduced over the past couple of years and without it we all become weaker. I will allocate 7hrs per week.


Since everything in the universe is made out of minerals (there is really nothing else), I need to make sure I take all of the minerals missing from the food such as Iodine and Selenium. Iodine is the most difficult, so the best and most economical way to supplement is with Nascent Iodine Drops. This means remembering to mix the drops in water and take them 3 times per day at the correct time.

Why take iodine?

The longest living people on the planet live on the Island of Okinawa and consume between 3mg and 45mg of iodine per day in seaweed. The European and North Americans consume around 0.2mg on average. I am making my daily goal 3mg of Nascent Iodine as part of my plan.


Staying with the diet of the people who live the longest on this planet – the Okinawans, I am keeping up with my goal of x9 portions of vegetables (mostly greens) and x5 dark skinned fruits per day (in smoothies, soups, salads etc). I am still very occasionally eating fish or meat in social circumstances but that is getting less and less. The Okinawans consume very little sugar and sweet stuff so the Paleo diet we have been following is perfect for this. Brown rice (and tofu, miso and tempeh) are part of the Okinawan’s diet which are acceptable.

The Okinawan elders, who have an average lean body mass of 20, also eat small meals and it is considered socially unacceptable (and unhealthy) to be full. They enjoy and lead a very active life and live to a healthy old age, which is why their lifestyle has to be part of mine.

My goal is not just to live longer but to get healthier and become more active. Only having a plan can ensure this, which is why the Pareto Principles that make people wealthy can also make people healthy.

Enjoy your food today but tomorrow start enjoying a healthier future. And remember that kindness and love of yourself are great healers and protectors all on their own.