Krill Oil has been shown to support a marked improvement in osteoarthritis symptoms compared to a placebo when it comes to providing relief of joint and knee pain in the middle-aged population, according to a relatively large study published recently in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

Researchers recruited 235 adults who were diagnosed with mild to moderate knee pain for a six-month-long, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial. The subjects were all suffering from mild to moderate knee pain and were consuming little to none in the way of Omega-3 supplements.

According to scientists, the Krill Oil study represented the largest and longest, highest dose study to date, investigating the effects of krill oil on osteoarthritis of the knee.

The study looked at participants ranging in age from 40 to 65, with a very lean BMI of 18, to those verging on the morbidly obese (BMI of 35), with an average of about 28 BMI for the men. This put the study population on the high end of what the health authorities consider to be a healthy weight. 

While the participants were evenly divided between men and women, some of the subjects used pain relief medications (NSAIDs) during the trial but these were mostly on an as-needed basis. The researchers chose to assess this via a post-study questionnaire.

Study participants took 4 capsules per day of Krill. Each capsule provided 150mg of DHA and 70mg of EPA in each 1-gram capsule, as well as a certain amount of Astaxanthin. This meant the subjects ingested 600mg of DHA and 280mg of EPA per day in phospholipid form. 


What The Krill Oil Study Shows 

Athletes using the Krill Oil were found to have significantly reduced knee pain, as well as improved joint stiffness and function. The study also found that Krill Oil boosted the Omega-3 index of participants, up to an average of 9% by the end of the investigation. Many experts consider an 8% level to be the threshold for deriving the greatest health benefits from Omega-3.

Researchers state that the study solidifies the effect of krill oil’s benefits on joint health. For treating conditions like osteoarthritis, case subjects were asked to consume four capsules per day. 

For maintaining healthy joints in the long term, taking 1-2 Krill Oil capsules is recommended daily. However, to see an effect in a short period of time, researchers state it may be necessary to increase the dose.


Krill Oil’s Health Benefits

This latest study is just one of many highlighting the numerous benefits of taking krill oil for good health. Another recent study showed that taking a Kril Oil supplement is beneficial for athletes’ power training as it may boost Omega-3 and choline concentrations, especially in red blood cell membranes, therefore boosting athletic endurance. 

The antioxidant benefits of Krill Oil also mean that it’s beneficial for fighting inflammation anywhere in the body.

Its Omega-3 fatty acids DHA and EPA have many health benefits including neuroprotective benefits that may help to prevent age-related brain conditions and cognitive decline. Other evidence has also indicated that increasing your Omega-3 intake is effective at treating or preventing depression. 

As an essential fatty acid, Omega-3 can also benefit heart health by naturally lowering your triglyceride levels. When triglycerides are lowered, this can also play an important role in managing weight loss too. 

For anyone looking to find natural relief for knee pain or osteoarthritis symptoms, it’s highly recommended to follow the health plan and nutrient recommendations as outlined in the health book below.





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