The summer holidays are still in full swing and many of us in the northern hemisphere are planning to make the most of it before September and the colder seasons begin to set in.

Sometimes, however, even preparing for a holiday itself is stressful as there can be a lot of planning involved to ensure everyone has the most relaxing time away from work and the other pressures of modern life.

That’s why we’ve put together some top health and wellness tips to keep you feeling calm, relaxed and healthy – whether you’re planning a holiday away or a staycation.

Prepare To Feel Healthy and Relaxed During The Summer Break

Here are some of our favourite holiday health tips…

1. Stay Hydrated

If you’re going somewhere warm, it’s important to stay hydrated and drink plenty of fluids, especially water. You may want to bring water bottles for you and your loved ones to sip from while out on daytrips to ensure you don’t dehydrate.

Increasing your water intake in hot climes can help you to stay energised as you go about your day. If possible, drink between 8-10 glasses of pure water daily for best hydration. It’s also best to buy bottled water rather than drinking from the tap in certain countries.

2. Everything In Moderation

It can be tempting to overindulge on unhealthy foods and alcohol while on holiday. Excessive alcohol consumption isn’t recommended as it can lead to dehydration so you may want to balance any alcohol drinks you consume with hydrating beverages such as juice or water. Overeating may also have health implications, especially if consuming sugary or processed foods along with starchy carbohydrates (pizza, pasta, breads) throughout the day. Try and limit these foods to the occasional treats where possible. That way you may enjoy them more when you do have them.

3. Keep Moving

Staying active while on holiday can ensure you maintain your fitness levels as well as offering powerful benefits for stress relief. Being in shape doesn’t have to be challenging though – you may want to consider doing some yoga on the beach, or taking a walk after a holiday meal. Finding new fun ways to add exercise into your daily routine is recommended. Who knows, you may even want to consider windsurfing or paddle boarding, if you’re up for a new challenge.

4. Take a Multivitamin

Being healthy means ensuring you are getting enough nutrition for optimal health. This is even more important while on holiday when it’s tempting to overindulge. By taking a high-quality multivitamin such as Active Life™ from Good Health Naturally, you can ensure you stay healthy throughout your summer holiday. ActiveLife™ is our top recommendation as it combines 130 nutrients in one capsule, including vitamins and minerals that will provide you with a solid foundation for all of your nutritional needs.

5. Get Enough Sleep

As you’ll be going out more, this may mean you cut back on sleep. Sleep loss can make it more difficult to manage blood sugar levels, meaning that when you’re sleep deprived you may be more likely to prefer eating high-fat, or high-sugar foods. For best health, we recommend aiming for at least 7 to 8 hours sleep per night, to guard yourself against mindless eating that may eventually lead to unwanted weight gain.

6. Don’t Forget the Probiotics

We recommend taking some probiotics at least 2 weeks before planning to travel as this helps in seeding helpful bacteria in the gut that may in turn, optimise immune function. Probiotics may help to ward off uncomfortable digestive disorders and may help with any traveler’s diarrhoea. We suggest PrescriptBiotics™ from Good Health Naturally as it contains a custom-cultured microflora blend of 8x soil-based organisms along with a prebiotic food source to support digestive health and benefit the immune system.

7. Wear Natural Sunscreen

It’s easy to want to spend hours playing and relaxing outside in the sunshine. However, for best health, it’s good practice to limit your sun exposure and build up daily, to avoid the risk of sun damage. There are now many organic and natural sun creams available to buy in the shops and online. It’s recommended to choose a mineral sunscreen that provides UVA and UVB protection, formulated with natural filters, antioxidants and oils to leave the skin feeling nourished and protected throughout the day. We recommend using a sunscreen with a sun protection factor (SPF) of at least 30, to protect against UVB rays. Why not take a trip to your local independent health food store to check out their selection of natural sunscreen.

8. Protect Your Lips

When out and about in the sun, it’s important to take care of your lips too! Dry or sore lips are equally common in both the winter and summer months. We suggest Lysine Lip Balm from Good Heath Naturally as this provides organic, nourishing ingredients that can protect the lips from environmental stressors such as sun damage. Remember to apply it regularly when out in the sun for best protection.

Recommended Holiday Essentials:

You may want to consider taking the following nutrients for best health support during your holiday and beyond…



ActiveLife™– Provides 130 nutrients in each capsule. As a full-spectrum multivitamin/mineral formula that provides a good foundation of nutrients.



PrescriptBiotics™ – A custom cultured blend of 8x soil-based organisms in a prebiotic food source that can support digestive health and improve immune system function.


Lysine Lip Balm

Lysine Lip Balm – Certified organic lip balm providing lysine and monolaurin to heal and nourish your lips. Provides the nourishing benefits of coconut oil, olive oil and jojoba oil, with a pleasant mango flavour. Ideal for cold sore relief, along with dry/chapped lips. Lysine Lip Balm contains Zinc oxide that helps heal cuts and irritations and offers natural protection against sunburn. Suitable for Vegetarians.