Health News (Week 06 – 2018)
By Robert Redfern

Pharma Gives Up

At last, Pharma is giving up pretending they can cure the most devastating disease, possibly in history. Merck, the infamous drug company, announced it is stopping research into drugs for Alzheimer’s. Others are expected to follow. Of course, this is after Pharma has received billions from governments and fake charities (your donations) to finance their research.

Why Would They Give Up?

Especially since it is already the prime cause of death in females in the UK and many other western countries are seeing the dramatic march of Alzheimer’s. Even worse, it is a horrible disease for both sufferers and family alike.

Well, since Pharma never really look for cures and make their best profits by caring for various diseases for the life-time of patients, they would go out of business if they produced cures. The couple of cures they produced in the last 70 years were probably a mistake, but in any case, the cures were for rare conditions.

They Failed In What They Were Looking For

They were looking for drugs that sufferers could take for the rest of their lives – keeping them functioning rather than curing Alzheimer’s – but they simply failed. Even when Fake Pharma’s drugs they produced did not work, such as Aricept, they still sold them claiming they did work. How cruel can you get? All they had to do was look for a real cure with the billions they received, but there are simply no profits in cures.

What Causes Alzheimer’s?

As I write this newsletter I am listening to Professors and researchers saying, ‘It’s the immune system stupid,’ as they are being interviewed on the BBC Today Radio Program. They are all confirming what I have written about since 1992. A failing immune system is a cause of not dealing with fungus, bacteria and virus. The first important point is what causes this immune failure? Its carbs and sugar!

For many years, independent doctors and researchers have speculated that the failure is caused by a high sugar diet. High sugar means starchy carbs, high sugar foods, drinks and all grains and cereals, which all inhibit the immune system and then feed fungus, bacteria and virus.

Add a sedentary lifestyle (which lowers oxygen blood levels) and lack of fats and vegetables in the diet, and these markers indicated the outcome of diseases such as Alzheimer’s.

What Are You Going To Do?

Do you plan to take charge of your health plan to avoid such diseases? Do you have a family member you urgently need to help to reverse it?

These Are The Important Factors:

  1. Spanish Pathology studies showed that only patients with fungus on the brain developed Alzheimer’s and those patients that had plaque (the previous suspect now discredited) was not a factor. In fact, all major causes of premature death have fungus implicated, including cancer, heart disease and lung disease.
  2. Alzheimer’s can be caused by microbes (herpes, etc) and this is claimed by independent scientists based on studies going back 30 years.
  3. Alzheimer’s is caused by a combination of lifestyle, inflammation, and genetic factors. Even those suffering from gum disease are 6x more likely to suffer from Alzheimer’s.
  4. Memory loss associated with Alzheimer’s reversed for first time – a small study at UCLA in California showed its possible to reverse Alzheimer’s with a lifestyle change.
  5. Those with a Vitamin D3 Deficiency have 125% greater risk of Alzheimer’s.
  6. Causal factors are high carb/sugar, low vegetables and low fat diets.
  7. Countries that have high levels of Curcumin in their diets have the lowest levels of Alzheimer’s. In one of the many studies, patients who took curcumin for 18 months experienced a 28% improvement in memory and brain scans also showed they had fewer brain plaques associated with Alzheimer’s disease.
  8. Movement and exercise improve circulation and oxygen to all cells which is essential for fighting infection.


All of these factors are linked and in my newly revised Alzheimer’s book. The disease plan shows that lifestyle and diet leads to fungus, candida and infection in the brain which then manifests into disease.

Even Our Dogs Know It!

It has been proven over many years that dogs can be trained to detect early and advanced diseases better than any screening systems that the medical system can offer. It is now known they are detecting Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s) given off by fungus/candida. Soon, I am sure dogs will be trained to detect early Alzheimer’s and in fact many other brain diseases such as Parkinson’s, Epilepsy, and any other form of brain disease.

High Sugar Diet And Low Activity Are The Prime Cause!

Microbes, fungus and yeast love low oxygen and high sugar. They also love it if there are very little friendly bacteria in the diet to keep them in balance. No matter what anyone says, you cannot simply kill unfriendly microbes and leave our friendly microbes healthy. You have to learn to live with all microbes but keep them in balance with friendly bacteria.

Can We Cure Alzheimer’s?

The better question is will we cure Alzheimer’s? I phrase it this way as it cannot be completely cured until we change our lifestyle. If we could simply take an anti-fungal to clear the fungus and we felt the Alzheimer’s clearing but carried on with the same lifestyle that caused it, this can bring it back.
So instead, the question is:

Will We Cure It By Sticking To The Lifestyle That Will Cure It?

It is difficult for most to make radical lifestyle changes and even many medical doctors agree that compliance is one of the real problems in health care


It is difficult to judge who suffers more – the person with Alzheimer’s or the family who love and care for a person who does not know them and slowly loses them. What is fact, is it is likely to cost many hundreds of thousands for nursing care and possibly years of heartbreak for relatives.

For a very small cost, for a couple of months, you can evaluate the effectiveness of a new diet and recovery plan with the help of our coaches. The book and plan can also be used to avoid Alzheimer’s in the first place.