Health News (Week 09 – 2017)
By Robert Redfern

The Dam

Many of you will have read of the Lake Oroville Dam, ‘near catastrophe’, in California recently when huge rain downpours filled the Oroville Dam so fast it nearly came to breaking point. Of course, the authorities had a plan to deal with the possible 30” high wall of water, which was to evacuate the 200,000-300,000 thousand residents underneath the Dam. Many of you will know what I think of authority and what happened next is nothing less than I would expects of the intelligence of all authorities (not just medical authorities).

The Chaos

The authorities had a wonderful plan. It was to simply alert all of the residents so they could get to safety in higher ground. The problem was they had continually put out news that the Dam was absolutely safe and the residents had nothing to worry about Lake Oroville Dam. Then when it looked like the Dam may crumble they suddenly said, EVACUATE!!!!

What followed was absolute chaos. Anyone who travels in even simple rush hour traffic will testify the traffic grinds to a halt. Add panic and add a few more tail-enders because of the panic and no one goes anywhere. If the Dam had burst then nearly everyone would have perished. Luckily for the residents, the rain stopped enough to allow the emergency sluice gates to lower the water.

The Procrastinations

The authorities did not take responsibility for everything that happened in the same way that authorities do not take responsibility for the side effects of vaccinations and allowing toxic foods from junk manufacturers to be sold. The Dam authorities instead point their finger at fake causes such as unexpected high levels of rain, snow and panic among the residents.

The Dam was inspected 12 years earlier and engineers predicted the Dam was in danger of failing. I generally trust engineers and especially aeronautical engineers since I am flying to California tomorrow. What did the authorities do when the engineers reported the Dam was not safe? They did nothing. Not even a good plan on how to evacuate the population. The authorities were either stupid or dangerous. My point is authorities cannot be trusted (especially ones that DO NOT live downstream from the Dam).

Dams get older, they silt up, and the longer they exist, the more care and maintenance they need. What could the authorities have done? Simple keep the water levels lower to take account of extreme rains.

My Point

We get older, we sludge up, and the longer we exist, the more care and maintenance we need. I have mentioned before that just after the November-December holiday season more people die in a four-week period than any other four-week period in the year. Like the Dam, we silt up and our internal dam bursts, our body/immune systems fail, and our organs can not deal with the flood of junk and sugar.

The medical authorities point to fake causes such as high cholesterol or lack of vaccinations, lack of medicines, even lack of funding for medical service. Anything, except reducing the level of junk and sugar to avoid our internal dam bursting.

The Dam

Trust me, I am not a medical doctor, I am an engineer by education. Everything I recommend comes from reviewing all of the research into causes of ill-health, and eliminating those causes. It works for me and has worked for hundreds of thousands of readers over the past 27 years.

My books cover in detail these steps:

  1. Drink 6-8 glasses of water over each day with a pinch of bicarbonate of soda in each glass.
  2. Walk 3-5 miles each day at a fast pace.
  3. Don’t sit down for more than 3-4 hours each day.
  4. Cut out or cut down all starchy carbs and high sugar foods, fruits and drinks.
  5. Super charge your immune system.
  6. Supplement the nutrients missing from foods (yes even missing from organic foods).
  7. Eat 10-14 portions of greens, nuts, seeds, pulses, and dark skinned fruits over each day.
  8. Only eat (if you need to) organic meats and wild fish 2-3 times per week.
  9. Massage or treat with HealthPoint your main acupuncture points, a few times per week.
  10. Practice breathing and meditation every day.

Don’t Procrastinate: The Main Killers are:

Heart Disease
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Alzheimer’s Disease
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Diabetes Type 2
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COPD-Lung Diseases
This is another slow decline into a devastating lifestyle and premature death. It is another prime example of how the consumption of starchy carbs and sugar can simply target one organ in the body which may have been already weakened by smoke and other air toxins.
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Autoimmune Recovery
When the immune system attacks healthy cells in the body by mistake, it can trigger a wide range of different symptoms including chronic fatigue and inflammation in the joints and organs. Flare-ups can be made worse by following an unhealthy diet and lifestyle, so following an Autoimmune Recovery Plan can help to ease the symptoms.
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High Blood Pressure
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Kidney Health
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A genus of yeasts that’s the most common cause of fungal infections worldwide. Symptoms of candida overgrowth include skin and nail fungal infections, feeling tired and digestive issues such as bloating, constipation, vaginal infections, allergies, etc. All of these are made worse by sugar and starch cravings. Yet following the healthy lifestyle advice in this book will ensure considerable improvements in this condition.
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