Health News (Week 48 – 2017)
By Robert Redfern

In this season of heart attacks (‘tis the season to get heart attacks and strokes) I saw in the news this week that Jack Warner, Cardiologist and Head of the American Heart Association had a heart attack at aged 42. I am very sorry for this person and his family but since he is responsible for advising a whole nation on how to avoid heart attacks and strokes, either the information was fake or he did not follow his own advice.

Why Would Any Heart Expert Have a Heart Attack?

Personally, I am convinced that he did follow his own fake advice which is why he had a heart attack. Let’s be very clear, in this day of advanced technology there is no reason for anyone to have an unexpected heart attack.

A simple 4D scan of your arteries that you can simply have at any centre with a 4D scanner will clearly show any heart problem which can be resolved with my Heart Plan. Having another scan a few months later is recommended to double check it is clearing.

Another test which is not as easy to get from doctors is Heart Rate Variability (HRV). You can however get an app for your mobile phone and combine this with a chest strap to test yourself.

An Example Of My Advice I Have Mentioned In The Past

We have had a visitor at our home – my elder sister Barbara, who is 74 years old. Luckily the inclement weather cleared as she arrived and the sunny November we all know and love in Mallorca; cool nights and hot sunny days, took hold.

My sister’s husband had died, so Barbara has been going through a traumatic period and had started the process of selling their home. It is not surprising that just before arriving, on a planned visit to her doctor, her blood pressure was tested at over 200.

A blood pressure of over 200 is serious. Continues below…


Blood pressure is a measurement of the force necessary to maintain blood flow throughout your body. High blood pressure occurs when blood circulation is failing and the force needed gets too high.


You have probably heard about high blood pressure as it is claimed over 50% of adults over 60 will develop it. What is high blood pressure as a measurement is debatable but over 200 is definitely serious and if it is left untreated or is not properly monitored, it can be life threatening.

It is said that long-term high blood pressure will damage blood vessels and increase the risk of stroke. I say the same cause of high blood pressure is the same reason we get strokes or heart disease. I repeat, high blood pressure is a warning that we have health problems and is not the cause of death.


There are two types of irregular blood pressure warnings to consider:

  1. High blood pressure is called hypertension, when blood pressure is too high.
  2. Low blood pressure is called hypotension when blood pressure is too low.

Both of these warnings should be taken seriously. I disagree that drugs are dealing with the problems that are causing these warnings.

The health of your body depends on healthy blood circulation.


It is a fact that high blood pressure increases with age. The reality is that one in three people around the world have high blood pressure. The figures skyrocket as the population grows older.

50 per cent of adults in the Western world over the age of 60 have high blood pressure. 90 per cent of adults are at risk of developing high blood pressure within their lives. There are also certain lifestyle factors that contribute to the high blood pressure warning:

  • Unhealthy Diet – Consuming grains, cereals, processed foods, high sugar foods, overcooked foods, foods lacking in critical minerals and vitamins such as Vitamin D3, all the B vitamins and Chromium.
  • Obesity – is directly caused by eating the above unhealthy diet.
  • Diabetes – is directly caused by eating the above unhealthy diet.
  • Smoking – What can I say that you don’t already know?
  • Sedentary lifestyle – Sitting down for more than 3 hours in each day is a major factor as well as not walking for 3-5 miles daily.
  • Oral contraceptives – These and many other drugs can cause health problems that can trigger circulatory problems.
  • Depression – A direct cause of poor circulation.
  • Emotional stress – Causes high cortisol and is eventually a cause of poor circulation.
  • Drinking excess alcohol – An indirect cause of poor circulation.

When Unhealthy Lifestyles Are Followed:

  • Women and men of Black and Asian ancestry have the highest risk of high blood pressure.
  • Men have a higher risk of high blood pressure than women, although women are more susceptible post-menopause, or after the age of 55.


  1. Lack of pharmaceutical drugs is not the cause of high blood pressure.
  2. Lifestyle factors, taking pharma drugs and inactivity is absolutely to blame.
  3. Walking and exercise helps to lower the heart rate, and it can decrease the number of times the heart beats but the other lifestyle factors above are even more critical…

When my sister arrived I took one look at her and knew she was facing urgent health problems. She was on strong high blood pressure drugs and I knew I had to tread carefully to get her to accept my help. It was a pleasant surprise when after explaining my plan she agreed to stop the drugs and follow it. Of course, she wanted to monitor her blood pressure a couple of times daily which is sensible in any circumstances.

The plan included green veggie smoothies, and some of the supplements such as the ones recommended below.

Within 24 hours her blood pressure was already healthy.

The meals were all healthy (what else in our house?) and so even though she is back home in the UK and has stopped the supplements (for 24 hours) her blood pressure only rose a little. All she has to do is stick to my plan, change her diet more to reflect ours and she will keep on getting healthier and healthier. On these things I can only cross my fingers.

It goes to show how little steps and simple measures can make a big difference very quickly. Don’t ever think you can’t change whatever problem you may have.

My Blood Pressure book is in the mail to her as well as the plan she needs to get healthy.

That is all you need to do. No matter how serious your health problems, with the help from me and my team of health coaches, you can get the same close help as my sister Barbara.


All diseases are caused by incorrect foods, lack of nutrients and not walking enough. Start today to correct these and move towards Good Health.