Health News (Week 38 – 2017)
By Robert Redfern

To Jab or not to Jab? That is the question. My answer with FLU (influenza) is no. More to the point those who have the FLU jab are at a greater risk of getting FLU.

All of the reviews of studies by independent researchers for FLU vaccinations indicate they have no health benefits whatsoever. Worse still, ladies who are pregnant risk miscarriages.

FLU Vacs. can cause a miscarriage

A 2017 study published in the Vacs. journal discovered that women who received the pH1N1 flu Vacs. for two years in a row had an increased risk of having a miscarriage within 28 days.

Most post-flu Vacs. miscarriages took place in the first trimester, with some in the second. The new research supported the many claims made by pregnant women who reported miscarrying hours or days after having their flu shot.

Getting the flu shot in the early stages of pregnancy was associated
with almost eight times the risk of miscarriage.

What Should You Do?

There are three groups of people: really healthy people, really unhealthy people and then everyone else who are somewhere in-between these two. The difference between healthy and unhealthy is directly related to the amount of starchy carbs and high sugar foods and drinks consumed.

Eating a really healthy foods diet is your best bet for a strong immune system. Since we are approaching the season when more carbs and sugar are consumed compared to any other 4 month period, I have some recommendations to avoid FLU and COLDS.

At the end of this 4 month period is the highest
number of deaths from infections.

The First Recommendation is For Those At Greatest Risk

1st Line is probably the most powerful natural supplement for quickly building your natural defences. 1st Line naturally elevates Thiocyanate levels within the body that supports the immune system to battle many types of infection including viruses. The 1st Line formula is patented by a British Chemist and is added to water and forms the same molecules that make up our body’s first line of defense against all types of bacteria, yeast, fungus, flu, germs and viruses.

Unlike antibiotics, 1st Line doesn’t destroy healthy bacteria in the body. 1st Line is safe, easy to use, a one-time treatment and has no harmful side-effects. I recommend for those at the greatest risk to take one dose every day for a week and then one per month. It can be used by people with a compromised immune system to prevent sickness, colds and flu and to stay healthy on a monthly basis.

Daily Protection

Many years ago I set out to create the perfect formula to keep us healthy and to avoid the infections that occur as we get older. At aged 71 I honestly cannot remember being ill with an infection. If I had to guess it would be 10 years ago.

Below is a review of the factors explaining why each ingredient (x10) was selected for the formula. It explains in detail as to why it is the best formula you can get (in my opinion) for a strong immune system. This unique blend of ingredients (x10) can only be found together in Daily Immune Protection or D.I.P. as I refer to it.

A Strong Immune System, To Stay Healthy…

Without a strong balanced immune system and a corresponding strong immune system response our bodies are incapable of dealing with even the smallest and seemingly most harmless


What are some of the consequences of exposure to these infections, especially when the immune system function is compromised? Problems that you wouldn’t think were found to be linked, such as:

  • Allergies
  • Out of control stress
  • Autoimmune disease
  • Inflammation
  • Weight struggles
  • Digestive concerns
  • Trouble sleeping
  • Aging too quickly

How does the immune system protect us?

By activating an immune system response, either through the innate or adaptive immune system. The responses of these immune systems are characterized first by the body’s recognition of foreign invaders and their antigens (proteins located on the invader’s cell surface) and secondly, its response (attack) against them.

D.I.P. balances and stabilizes both the innate and adaptive immune system responses in the body. This is because D.I.P. is an immune system “balancer” as opposed to other immune products, which try to artificially bolster the immune system.

All x10 ingredients in D.I.P are backed by research, they are:

  1. EpiCor® Dried Yeast Fermentate) – Super Antioxidant
  2. eXselen™ Selenium – Critical immune Mineral
  3. Vitamin D3 – Critical immune vitamin
  4. Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) Critical immune vitamin
  5. Zinc Glycinate Chelate 20% Critical immune Mineral
  6. Dimethylglycine HCL – Improves the immune system and absorption of Zinc
  7. Elderberry Fruit Extract 4:1 – Stops the influenza virus in its tracks
  8. Larch Arabinogalactan Powder – Supports growth of your probiotics
  9. Immune Assist – Micron Powder – medicinal mushroom extract
  10. Beta Glucan 1,3 (Glucan 85%) – prompts natural immune killer cells


  1. 1:st line Immune Kit – Your body’s first line of defence against infection.
  2. Daily Immune Protection (DIP) – Not just an immune booster, DIP ALSO balances immune response for optimal performance.
  3. Prescript Biotics – This is my recommended Probiotic. If you take a probiotic you should really consider this.
  4. Liposomal Vitamin C – Absorbs in the mouth and is the nearest thing to intravenous Vitamin C you can buy.
  5. HydroSol Silver Spray – The best silver on the market and with


A strong immune system gives you the strength to deal with most things in life.
Of course, if you have a serious health problem then contact my Health Coaches for help and support at