Health News (Week 16 – 2020)
By Robert Redfern

In this newsletter, I want to cut through the noises from the corporate media on this panic situation.

For clarity, I have not seen any evidence that my original statements need modifying.
They are (for clarity):

  • This is just another seasonal infection that takes place every year.
  • It may be slightly worse or less than previous years, but in the same way, the cause of deaths need a post mortem (autopsy), so does a pandemic.
  • Of the previous pandemic figures in the last 30 years have shown to be up to 50% less than the numbers given out during the epidemic.
  • Whatever you are hearing now they will be much less in a year.
  • People die every year. Some die of old age, but most die from diseases such as lung diseases, Heart diseases, Hospital Acquired Infections, Medical drugs and treatments and Cancers.
  • Are they real dangers and all caused by lifestyle, lack of nutrition and other reversible causes.
  • Seasonal infection may tip them over the edge, but that result could be because they had no health reserves. These people are ‘at risk’ people.
  • If it was critical to protect the ‘at risk’ people my, contention then was ‘at risk’ people could be housed in the hundreds of hotels around the country. They could be given real health care, healthy foods and nutrients such as D3 and Vitamin C. This is now confirmed by many health experts around the world as the best solution.
  • We may be seeing the most massive fraud in the history of the world perpetrated by the Pharma/Medical Cartel and the Central banks. If so, you cannot believe anything you see and hear.
  • Frauds are carefully orchestrated by what is popularly known as the Deep State. The Corporate Media around the world is controlled by the deep state and staffed by the typical tame journalist.
  • Central Banks are dedicated to creating a depression to lower the wealth of the masses by a devaluation of the currency to compensate for their immoral printing of money not backed by value.
  • The Pharma/Medical Cartel too over the World Health Authority W.H.O. many years ago. W.H.O. used to be independent and worked for the health of nations through nutrition, but now it is just another drug pusher. The information published by W.H.O. and the Pharma/Medical Cartel is mostly the same.
  • In the U.K. we have a top government advisor Neil Ferguson from Imperial College London. He has been at the centre of U.K. virus policy, and he was responsible for the lockdown. Imperial College is a Pharma/Medical Cartel centre and supports mass vaccination of everyone in the world. The equivalent in the U.S.A. is the C.D.C. and the infamous Dr Fauci.

My Goals

I have always advised my age group to get healthy so we could carry on working at least part-time to give us some sort of standard of living.

Never in my wildest dreams imagined that this fraud would deliberately wreck the whole world economy. Mainly just to take power over the wealth and health of the people of the world, but here we are.

My hero George Orwell would love to be here now and to be able to do some minor edits to his books. His two most famous are 1984 and Animal Farm which would show Orwell predicted what is happening 2020, albeit 36 years late.

I read the latest plan is to track everyone on their mobile phone to ostensibly report to anyone they have communicated with for – health reasons. Excuse me while I have a laughing fit. It is to panic them.

I have received many questions. One in an email from Philip I found most poignant as he and his family have followed me for a while and he is confused but trusts me enough to ask a tough question.

Answers to Your Questions?

Hi, Robert – thanks for the newsletter. I have been wondering myself about the virus epidemic, whether it is what it has been made out to be.

I have begun to change my opinion that it was just flu,

because of the following:

  1. The hospitals are overloaded, the staff are overrun, and reduced markedly. No, they are not much busier than usual for this first quarter, according to my readers who work in the N.H.S. and confirm the facts to me. There are patients admitted who are not ‘at risk’ which is causing extra work. The rest is smoke and mirrors by those with interest in exaggerating.
  2. The infection rate is at least 2.5 times that of flu, hugely significant as this increases the exponential increase. We cannot believe figures put out by the Pharma/Medical Cartel and the W.H.O. Of course, with the media terrorising of the populations, more people have gone to the hospital. The only figures that matter is the total number of deaths. There may be some more people that have died from all causes. Including, those killed by the ventilators when they should have been on oxygen or a CPAP mask, suicides and even domestic violence.
  3. Nurses have died, bus drivers have died. Relatively healthy people have died (though my suspicion is there are some underlying conditions. I have – fibromyalgia – Mal Martin on the B.B.C. news in Wales had diabetes and had had a heart attack with 3 stents put in – but seemed healthy after). Those that die ALWAYS have an underlying condition. I personally know a 30yr old Respiratory Physiotherapist who has just been diagnosed with this infection and admitted to her own hospital. She looks healthy but she has always come down with chest infections in the winter. Her diet as a child was what I would call very bad and has not changed much since. Her whole family (who need to use the N.H.S. regularly) think that taking supplements such as D3, and Vitamin C is not required. They believe that what I do is a confidence trick. Since the majority of people eat a similar diet, I am amazed that so few people are dying. Do you think the media will mention these as underlying causes?
  4. The number of deaths is far more than that for flu, as a daily rate. If there had not been a lockdown, this would have been much more. The world’s top mathematicians/epidemiologists and statisticians for diseases disagree with the way these lockdowns handled. It is the total number of deaths that will have any meaning since doctors are guessing the causes of mortality.

However, I agree that it could have been managed differently, by isolating the vulnerable – problem being this would be a large number of people due to the poor health of our nation, and the increase in deterioration and degenerative and autoimmune diseases. There are presently thousands of empty hotels around every country in the world where the at-risk people could have been accommodated. There they could be fed only healthy meals, given exercise, given Vitamin D3, Vitamin C, Selenium, Iodine and serrapeptase. I am describing Real Health Care and not fake health care. They would have come out of this 3-month healthy lockdown healthier and fitter. The rest of us could have carried on working and saved the economy of the country. But, do you really think that is what Pharma/Medical Cartel and Central banks wanted?

I also agree it will be the pretext for mass vaccination, and for tighter governmental controls, possibly worldwide. Yes, but that would only be the start of things. The Pharma/Medical Cartel and Central Banks want total control over our life. They want to stop all, Natural Health Practitioners, nutritional supplements and electronically monitor everything we do and say. I have just had an email from Amazon to say they are banning all of my supplements that contain serrapeptase from sale in Europe.

I am interested in anyways to avoid the vaccination, as I have a weakened immune system – any advice would be gratefully received. On a personal level if you still have fibromyalgia, then you may not be following my plan to the letter. If you are willing to follow my method to recover, I will arrange personal coaching for you to help you achieve your recovery.

I would also ask that you have another look at the figures from across the world as a daily/monthly rate, and the state of the hospitals, and reconsider the situation. I always do.

I found 300,000-600,000 average yearly flu deaths, but this is annual. I was looking at Italy, and regionally the virus was more than the flu deaths. It would seem that a high flu rate for the U.K. is 13000-17000 deaths in a year. We are already past 10000 for the virus and have only had it around a month or so. All figures need careful analysis, only after it has all happened, to separate fact from fiction.

Finally, I would like to know why you think it is a fungus – would this be transmitted by respiratory tract? Also, they can identify parts of the measles virus from Vacs.s in the gut – so can they really not identify measles or virus? The fungus is everywhere and loves to invade weak tissue from sugar and carbs. We will leave the measles virus for another day.

I would appreciate your thoughts on this.
Take care,

My recommendations for, Magnesium Supplementation are, Ancient Magnesium OIL ULTRA and Ancient Magnesium Flakes ULTRA

Here, you’ll find my Recommended 5-Step Plan to prevent severe infection:

  1. Stop eating all grains, cereals, and other high-sugar foods and drinks. Research indicates that the consumption of wheat contributes to the growth of pathogenic bacteria in our gut, adding to the mounting concern that grains/cereals (often contaminated with Roundup herbicide) are one of the worst foods to consume for gut health. The foods to avoid: high-sugar foods and drinks, all breads, pastry, biscuits, breakfast cereals, rice, potatoes, parsnips, and wheat-based pasta.
  2. Eat more colourful vegetables and dark-skinned fruits.
  3. Walk as much as possible for better circulation and oxygenation of your blood.
  4. Drink 6 x 500 ml glasses of water over the day with 1/4 to 1/3 teaspoon of baking soda in each glass. Add a squeeze of lemon juice to improve the taste. If you can, buy a large sack of sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) and put half a kilogram (1 lb.) into your bath; for an even better effect, add flakes of Ancient Magnesium™ ULTRA. This supports your immune system and more for excellent overall health. Try it for a few weeks.
  5. Consider using the supplements we take, seen below from left to right in order of priority.


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