Health News (Week 34 – 2020)
By Robert Redfern

I have been writing about the Con-a-Virus since the last week in February. I genuinely thought it would be just a few weeks before the overreaction by the authorities was exposed. Here we are over 24 weeks later and yet the fiction persists.

Why? Because this is a Plandemic. (A planned epidemic using a manufactured and renamed CVvirus to terrorize and subdue the world population).

I am explaining below why and how it was all planned, and I apologise for those of a nervous disposition but I do rate my readers as above-average intelligence, since they are inclined towards natural health rather than the pharma alternatives.

Why in God’s Name Would ‘They’ Do This?

God has nothing to do with this. They have also brainwashed the religious leaders around the world (or worse).

  • They say they are abandoning democracy and our human rights to keep us safe yet fewer people have died this year compared to the flu epidemic of 2018.
  • They say we must do exactly as we are told to stay safe, whatever they say, with no right of appeal to any court.
  • They say they are destroying businesses and jobs to keep us safe but it hardly affects anyone under aged 70. The consequences of destroying businesses and jobs are destined to kill millions worldwide.
  • They say they are closing schools to keep us safe. Healthy children and young people have nothing to fear from any CVvirus. The risk is possibly causing psychological abuse and damage to their minds, beyond the imagination of intelligent thinking people.
  • They say we must have an unproven and unsafe vaccination or we will never be allowed the freedom to travel, or possibly even work, until we submit to the vaccination.
  • They say that there are no other treatments for CVvirus, which is a lie as Dr. Doug Deibele D.M.D shared his successful treatment regimen:
    1. Hydroxychloroquine 200 mg twice a day for 5 days
    2. Azithromycin 500 mg once a day for 5 days
    3. Zinc sulphate 220 mg daily
      His team treated 500 patients in New York with this regimen – zero deaths, zero hospitalizations. Many other doctors have replicated this and in fact, successfully added Vitamin C, yet are criticised in the corporate media. The cost of these treatments is negligible. The Canadian creators and world experts for Hydroxychloroquine would have been able tell the world of its success, but were murdered in the early days of planning the Plandemic.
  • They say we must in future have a digital ID to leave our home and join society.
  • Lastly, they say we must reduce the population of the planet. This is part of the Plandemic’s goals (see Bill Gates’s public comments).

Who Are ‘They’?

The Gate Gang (includes W.H.O., Pharma, Medical systems, Researchers in Universities receiving funding from Gates), The Deep State, Politicians, Judges and Courts, Journalists and Corporate Media, Police Chiefs, Military Chiefs and a huge number of the frightened populations around the world.

How Was the Plandemic Created?

A film that explains in detail how the Plandemic has been created by London Real which was immediately banned from YouTube. Click below to view it, but do give yourself plenty of uninterrupted time to watch it fully.

How ‘They’ were recruited and organised to take it around the world?

The Deep State has been slowly taking over most countries in the world through corporate media and monetary control.

Again, a film has been created to explain but it is so complicated you may have to take time to watch it multiple times to get a full understanding.
Click below to view it, but do give yourself plenty of uninterrupted time to watch.

Where Can You Go From Here?

You can try street protesting, but unless millions get out on the streets and it stays peaceful everything will stay the same. Street protests only work when they support the plans of the Deep State and they are part of Plandemic, so it’s unlikely to work.

An example is around 1 million people marched to protest in London against the illegal invasion of Iraq by Blair and Bush. It made no difference; millions died and were injured and the wars continue today, 10 years later.

You can try going to the courts to demand a judge gives back your human rights and restores democracy. The problem is judges are part of the establishment and they are either part of the problem, or afraid of the Deep State.

My Recommendation

Look after your health and look after your wealth or income. I cannot help you with your wealth, but I can help you to get and stay healthy so you can continue to earn an income.

This is what I do. I am confident that as long as you follow the plans in my books you will achieve good health and keep strong.

Nutrition is the basis of all health, combined with a healthy lifestyle you will stay strong both physically and mentally.

Please download any of my eBooks to follow a healthy lifestyle. If you do not have any particular condition to resolve see the basics of nutrition below. You can call to ask to speak with our health coaches for detailed/specialised help.

Remember we all have to get and stay strong whatever the future holds and hope the politicians have an epiphany and wake up from this hypnotic state.


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