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Dear Readers

A more positive newsletter this week. Some people think I am not positive but they could not be further from the truth. For nearly 30 years I have helped people with nearly every condition you can think of and had so much success. I welcome every day for the next challenge, (with our Health Coaches of course).

I will have to inform you occasionally what the evil empire is up to so you can take any steps to protect yourselves, but not today.

Today’s news is about my favourite mineral. It’s so important that you can only achieve a long healthy life with sufficient levels of it in your body.

For New Readers

Thirty-five years ago, my mother died of lung disease at age 62 and my 64-year-old father died a short while later of cancer.

researched the causes of their deaths in-depth. I soon found evidence that the majority of diseases that people prematurely die from are completely preventable. I discovered evidence that these diseases are mainly caused by an unhealthy diet, lack of critical nutrients, and lifestyle factors – all of which create unhealthy bodies.

Since discovering this scientifically obvious, yet commonly unknown evidence, I have followed my own health plan. I celebrated my 75th birthday last January and I am still truly fit and healthy, and I want to help all my readers to achieve the same results, at any age.

The Miracle Mineral

You may think this is an extreme statement since all minerals are essential but Magnesium is critical – for every function of life and good health. The crazy thing is that it is probably the cheapest mineral supplement on the market. So why do they not teach this in schools…why is it not prescribed by doctors?

Well, most doctors are under the direct control of Big Pharma – and I will say no more today on that.

However, emergency doctors mostly do what they can to save your life. An example of this is if you were rushed to hospital with heart failure, they would likely give you an I.V. with Magnesium and possibly bicarbonate of soda in the bag and probably get you back on your feet in a couple of hours.

It’s the same with sepsis. Is this in all hospitals? No, but that is because some arrogant doctors are brainwashed by Pharma and are always looking for expensive (and technically difficult) solutions.

Go here to read more about magnesium and why doctors don’t prescribe it:

Too Many Conditions To Mention!

There are around 200 identifiable conditions that need higher levels of Magnesium to help you live both healthier and longer. The immune system does not work effectively without it. Think Immune system, Vitamin D, and hundreds of enzyme actions.

Heart Diseases, Cardio, Lung Diseases, Brain Diseases, Hair Loss, Bone loss, Arthritis, Sports and Muscle Recovery, and Fibromyalgia to name a few.

Download my eBook here to get the complete picture.

Why Does It Have To Be Ancient Magnesium Oil Or Lotions?

All minerals should be in the closest form to those in food, where about 90% are absorbed. It’s a fact that capsules only absorb 10-30% since they are not food state.

If you are already using Magnesium Oil then you are all set. If not, I have not convinced you that they are critical.

Download my ebook in the link above or watch my webinar here

Never Forget The Fundamental Health Care Rules

All of these rules are detailed further in my eBooks that you can view and download Here

1. Breathe Properly – Oxygen is the most critical element for life and health since most people cannot live more than 5 minutes without it. Oxygen is critical for healthy cells, and the regeneration of your body and is the essential fuel for your immune system. You can improve the oxygenation of the body by learning to breathe from the diaphragm (tummy). I also recommend laying down instead of sitting down.

2. Sit Less – Those who sit for more than 8 hours per day are more likely to have health problems and die younger than those who sit for less than 3 hours per day. When you are sitting your breathing is the least effective. If you are unable to stand, laying down is better than sitting.

3. Drink Plenty of Water (with Sodium Bicarbonate) – Water is the second most critical nutrient and most people would die after 7 days of drinking no water. Consume around 3 litres of pure water over the day (with a small amount of Bicarbonate of Soda and Organic Liquid Trace Minerals added for extra benefits). Tip: Prepare the bottles in the morning and take them with you or leave them on the table to remind you.

4. Walk More – Walking is vital for two reasons; improving breathing and intake of oxygen and circulating blood around the body. The heart is not a pump and does not pump blood around the body it is a circulator and needs walking movement to work efficiently. To get the most benefits; walk at a good pace with longer strides whilst keeping your pelvis slightly forward and tucked in at the bottom of the spine. If you cannot walk, then lay on your back with your legs elevated and cycle your legs every few minutes.

5. Stop eating all grains, cereals, and other high-sugar foods and drinks – Research indicates that the consumption of wheat contributes to the growth of pathogenic bacteria in our gut, adding to the mounting concern that grain/cereal (often contaminated with Roundup herbicide) is one of the worst types of foods to consume for gut health. The foods to avoid include; high-sugar foods and drinks, breads, pastry, biscuits, breakfast cereals, rice, potatoes, parsnips, and wheat-based pasta. See alternative recipes at my, and select Keto for the best health options.

6. Eat more greens, other colourful vegetables, and dark-skinned fruits – Organic options are best if possible. Many of the discount supermarkets offer organic foods at low prices.

7. Take Nutritional Supplements – Your body and cells nееd specific nutrіеnts to funсtіоn орtіmаllу. Most of the critical vitamins and minerals are no longer in foods in sufficient quantities. This is particularly important for if/when children are planned, and as we age. The Government Nutritionists will claim that eating a balanced diet contains all of the nutrients needed. This is simply not true. Most critical minerals are dangerously deficient.

Iver – Animal De-Wormer 🙂

After hours of research and feedback from many of my readers, I now 100% recommend a 10 or 20-day course of IVM Animal de-Wormer twice a year and especially for those at greater risk of respiratory illness. It clears the Spiked Protein (and any virus and parasites). It is available from G.H.N. in India and you can go to to order. It is very inexpensive at £25+ shipping for a box containing 10 x 10 day 12mg tablet Courses. It will last one person 2-3 years.


I have lots of amazing formulations but I am also aware of people’s pockets especially in these crazy times. The magnesium and fundamental rules cost pennies per day to get healthy.

Recommended Magnesium Supplements


Ancient Magnesium® Oil Ultra
Ancient Magnesium® Oil Ultra with OptiMSM® is an easy-to-use, quick and effective topical spray that can be used to boost magnesium levels. Essential for good health, along with relief of sore muscles, leg cramps, and various body aches. Recommended for ensuring adequate Magnesium uptake. Suitable for vegetarians and vegans. Available in 200ml and 100ml.

Ancient Magnesium® Lotion Ultra
Features ultra-pure Magnesium Lotion, combined with OptiMSM® for enhanced cell absorption. Topical Magnesium Lotion provides essential relief of sore muscles, leg cramps and various body aches. Supports respiratory health, inflammation relief and encourages an improved immune response. Suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Ancient Magnesium® Melatonin
Magnesium Lotion features all the benefits of Magnesium with OptiMSM® for enhanced cell absorption along with Melatonin, a hormone that’s associated with the control of the sleep-wake cycle. Supports respiratory health and encourages an improved immune response. Suitable for vegetarians and vegans. 200ml.

Ancient Magnesium® Lotion Cool Relief
Magnesium Lotion Ultra-Cool Relief contains therapeutic Menthol, providing an instant cooling sensation on the skin. As the “Highly Commended” winner of the Best Sports Nutrition award in the 2019 Health Food Business Awards, Magnesium Lotion Cool Relief provides essential relief of sore muscles, leg cramps and various body aches. Provides fast relief for inflammation and encourages an improved immune response. Suitable for vegetarians and vegans. 200ml.

Ancient Magnesium® Body Butter
This luxurious body butter contains all the benefits of Ancient Magnesium® Lotion ULTRA, with OptiMSM®, the world’s purest MSM for maximum absorption into the skin. Features Magnesium Oil with shea butter, sweet almond oil, and other organic ingredients to make this the only daily moisturiser you need. Suitable for vegetarians and vegans.