Health News (Week 39- 2016)
By Robert Redfern

At the weekend I was with my wife Anne and our Health Coaches on our booth at CAM Expo in London meeting Doctors, Natural Health Practitioners and other Professionals.

If you attended I would like to offer my thanks for visiting and I hope you enjoyed the show as much as we did. For those who had never met us before it was great to talk with you for the first time, do make sure you keep in touch!

That’s me and Anne on the Booth

2016-39-1Amazing Stories

It is always great to see what a difference we are making for my readers and how dramatic health results have been for patients of health professionals with my recommendations.

I have so many stories from professionals but one particular ‘star’ stood out. She is a Medical Doctor GP who works in the UK National Health Service and is in practice with another doctor. She travelled to London just to meet me and tell me her story.

She has been trailing my nutritional supplement plans and her success has convinced her to make them part of her work. The other doctor in the practice has agreed that she will offer natural health treatments to those patients who want them and they will carry on offering the normal disease management offerings to others in their joint practice.

A Brave Stand

Professionals in the USA will possibly not understand how brave she is as they have more freedom (which is slowly disappearing) but in the UK the General Medical Council are known to threaten and take away a doctor’s license to practice if they fail to follow the pharma drug route. I will give this brave lady as much support as she wants but I have told her to keep her ‘head down’, no matter how many successes she has.

2016-39-2A New Book Edition

The Miracle Enzyme is Serrapeptase book has a new edition to correct and make some changes.

Some are minor and some are images that have changed but it is better to have this new edition as all of the edits are listed.

I have not kept track of who puchased the book and so it is easier to make the new edition available to all of my readers. Download it and share the link with anyone you feel needs help with their health.

Pain Drugs Cause Heart Disease

Research suggests that common anti-inflammatory drugs such as Ibuprofen and other NSAIDs increase the chance of the potentially fatal Heart Disease by almost 20 per cent. Patients on some of the most frequently prescribed painkillers have been warned to take the lowest effective dose and try to limit the length of time on the medicine.

The fresh health warning over the use of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) comes after analysis involving almost 10 million patients. Experts said their findings showed it was also wrong for people to assume over-the-counter painkillers were ‘harmless and safe for everyone’. See my articles for Curcumin as a safer alternative: