Health News (Week 43 – 2017)
By Robert Redfern

There are many personal problems that I get emails on sent directly to me. It may be people who don’t want to discuss with the coaching team and it may be because they see it as a weakness. All conditions have a cause and that includes anxiety, brain fog, mental fatigue and mild depression. There is no more possibility of, ‘pulling yourself together’, than, there is for someone to say the same about arthritis or lung disease. You will always need to deal with the cause.

These conditions come and go in cycles and my experience is that these periods coincide with changes in the weather and certain times of the year when the diet goes wrong, including stopping critical minerals. We are going through one of those periods just now and I have numerous emails asking for help with these problems. There are many causes including: yeast, fungus, infections and specific missing nutrients which cause many of the most identifiable problems with these conditions, and especially, inflammation.


Inflammation in these cases is likely caused by infection and it is definitely identified by researchers to be implicated in these conditions. Serrapeptase and Curcumin are both needed as anti-inflammatories as well as curcumin as this is an anti-fungal. Readers will know that Curcumin is a good anti-fungal as well as being an anti-inflammatory.

The new Liposomal Curcumin Plus Resveratrol is particularly exciting as it absorbs in the mouth and into the throat and head without the long trip via the digestive tracts. To get the best benefit hold this supplement in your mouth until it is completely absorbed.

Also needed is the super strong SerraEnzyme 250,000IU to help deal with this inflammation. As well as the brain, the whole body will be effected by this inflammation and you may not think about it but the general run-down feeling is caused by this inflammation.

Specific Nutrients

Critical for brain health is B12. There is an epidemic of B12 deficiency among the population and especially amongst seniors. Some seniors are thought to have mild dementia when it is really a B12 deficiency. Of course, fungal problems can also be part of the symptoms of dementia since studies show that fungus is always present in Alzheimer’s.

The doctor’s solution to B12 deficiency is not very useful as it involves a monthly injection which will only last for a week at best before the B12 is deficient again. B4Health contains B12 and a whole raft of essential nutrients for the brain and since it is also liposomal, taken twice per day, and held in the mouth until absorbed, it will give a consistent level of B12 and other critical nutrients to the brain.

Prescript-Biotics Prescript-Biotics is especially important to support the immune system to defeat the build-up of fungus which in most cases starts its journey to the brain from the digestive tract. 80% of the immune system is powered by healthy Probiotics in the digestive tract. Prescript-Biotics can be taken in high doses to start with but later can still protect with as little as one capsule per week.

If you are generally feeling down then RealFocus is the supplement to brighten your day. It contains well known proven ingredients such as a patented form of Ashwagandha (KDM66), Rhodiola Rosea Extract and L-Theanine. Nothing here is a stimulant, they are all simply adaptogens which means they simply give you balance in your life.

The mineral Lithium is gaining popularity as a supplement. The studies for anti-ageing of the brain is one reason but the main reason is balanced moods. I have taken it now for 10 straight years and will never stop.

What Can You Do Right Now?

Drink 6 x 500ml glasses of water with a 1/3 teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda in each glass over the day. Sip it slowly and swish around the mouth as you drink it. Bicarbonate of soda can initially help deal with Fungus.

My plan that I follow daily to keep fungus and infection at bay includes:

  1. Follow a full daily exercise program including walking and exercises.
  2. Sitting down for less than 3 hours per day, so stand or walk or even lay down if you need to rest.
  3. Take the 130 important vitamins and minerals in Active Life which can and do help prevent many diseases. You still need magnesium oil and iodine supplements as well.
  4. Drink at least 6x500ml of pure water with a pinch of bicarbonate soda in each glass.
  5. Eat a healthy diet, high in green vegetables, dark skinned fruits, nuts, seeds, seaweeds and fats.
  6. Stop eating unhealthy foods such as grains, cereals, processed foods, sugary foods and drinks, processed junk meats, eggs and farmed fish that are all fed on GMO soya/cereals.
  7. Detoxing on a regular basis is essential as this helps to clear some of the toxins and chemicals that are permeating modern life.
  8. Include Rock Salt in your diet. Rock salt is created in ancient sea beds and has more minerals than modern salt offerings. You need at least 3 teaspoons per day and more in hot sweaty weather.
  9. Build determination to stick with the plan and stop listening to the failed Pharma medical system.


Mild depression can be dealt with without drugs but of course, if you have a serious health or Depression problem then contact my Health Coaches and ask about a Depression Plan