Health News (Week 04- 2017)
By Robert Redfern


Is your head spinning with all of the crazy talk going on in the media? There seems to be a war of words with each side accusing the other of delivering fake news. Of course, it could be that both sides are correct. That both sides are delivering fake news and information and always have been.

Deceit and deception have always been the weapons of choice for politicians and marketers. I am not sure who is the most deceitful, politicians or marketers. Politicians are seeking your vote to gain power over you (and get rich in the majority of cases) and marketers are seeking your purchase from them and to get very rich.

Many marketers are offering a fair product that delivers what it promises but a growing number are over-priced and are through monopolies that are backed by the WTO (The World Trade Organisation). This enables large corporations to monopolise the markets but also uses the laws to monopolise truth into the bargain. These monoliths are also using WTO rules to stash mega amounts of money in offshore banks.

My own research has been into fake causes and fake cures for most diseases. Not those just touted by marketers but by pharmaceutical companies and of course the doctors that had been brainwashed by the system. Not only are the doctors brainwashed by them but most of society and especially the media is as well. This should really be addressed as your life and that of your family is on the line.

Am I a Marketer?

A fair question and one that I am asked many times since I recommend the products that I have formulated and are sold by Good Health Naturally (GHN). I need to give you a little background to answer this question.

I am 71 now and 31 years ago both of my parents died, my mother at aged 62 and my father at aged 64. As devastating as it was, it served to inspire me to research the causes of diseases and premature deaths. What I found was fake causes and fake cures for most diseases as I outlined above and it was something we had to solve.

Marketing Health Products

To solve this my wife Anne and I researched and started on a plan to avoid disease and premature death. At this point we decided to sell our wood stove business in Wales and started a business that was evantually to become Good Health Naturally. The first product I designed and patented was called StressWatch. It was a wrist watch that measured in real time the level of stress in your body and allowed you to see how fast the stress was reduced by relaxed breathing. It worked well but that was before the days of crowdfunding and so we simply ran out of money. The worse thing was that I had to let the patent expire which would have meant hundreds of millions in royalties from the millions of smart watches sold every year. No matter, it just meant I had to work harder.

The next product we introduced was HealthPoint our electronic acupressure device which GHN still manufactures and sells today. We toured Europe and North America demonstrating its fast effects to consumers and training professional users. During these talks we were recommending the diet and supplements we were taking and that I had detailed in my book, Mastering Acupuncture, that accompanied the HealthPoint. It soon became apparent and by demand that we needed to also supply these supplements. This created Good Health Naturally, which has grown world-wide.

Change Of Direction

In the early 2000s my interest consolidated into writing and educating my readers how to clear disease and live longer and stronger as we age so I started a dedicated organisation, Naturally Healthy News. I also realised that books and articles were not enough and so started Good Health Coaching Centers, a subsidised teleservice helping consumers make sense of the changes they needed to make to achieve good health.

Good Health Naturally slowly evolved to operate as a not-for-profit, since it donates all of the operating costs to Naturally Health News and Good Health Coaching Centers.

So, Am I a Marketer?

My life is now completely dedicated to education and supporting and helping people to get knowledgeable and healthy following my plans. I have produced thousands of articles and nearly thirty books to support your education.

I do create the ‘health solutions’ available for sale through Good Health Naturally and all with only scientifically backed ingredients…….. if you have trust in me then trust that these really work – they do.

You can see all of these health solutions here


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