Health News (Week 15 – 2018)
By Robert Redfern

Will You Live Longer?

The media is very good at passing on fake news from governments and the medical mafia, as well as announcing new ‘breakthrough’ treatments that never quite live up to the announcement down the line.

One of the grand statements that they make is that “we are all living longer”. They make this claim for two reasons, they want to claim that the trillions spent on medical treatments is the cause of us all living longer. They also use this claim as the reason why pension schemes (AKA Pension Pyramids) are running out of money. Both of these claims are as fake as government economic planning.

The Facts:

Just in case you have been misled by the sloppy reporting by the media and the medical system, ‘Life Span Expectancy’ is how long you will expect to live from birth to death which is skewed by more babies surviving and ‘Life Expectancy’ is how long you expect to live from a certain age e.g. from 65.

Of course, more healthy babies were born in the period after WW2 so there are more people around. At 72, and as I’m writing this article, I want to know how long my age group can expect to live.

In New York in the 1890s, a 65 year-old person’s ‘Life Expectancy’ would have been around 7 years. Life in New York in the 1890s was tough and definitely not healthy. However, with all of the advances in clean water, good sewage systems, safer food, and trillions given to the medical mafia, the expectancy has increased by ONLY 6 years.

In fact in Athens, Greece, 2000-2500 years ago, a 65 year old person would expect to live to the same age as a person today.

In reality, the whole of the multi-trillion medical research and treatment system is delivering life expectancy not much better than in New York, over 120 years ago and in Greece thousands of years ago when Hippocrates practised health care.


Hippocrates lived around 2400 years ago in Greece and is considered to be the father of healthcare. As a physician he practiced healthcare mainly by diet and reportedly coined the phrase, “let food be your medicine and medicine be your food”.

The Medical Mafia who are reported as one of the top 5 causes of death should be ashamed of itself as it uses the name of Hippocrates in its ‘Hippocratic’ Oath that medical doctors are reported to take. “First Do No Harm” which became the Hippocratic Oath taken by all doctors.

It is a pity the existing medical system has forgotten his teachings and his Oath. It is more like a ‘Hypocritical Oath’, with their dangerous drugs and unnecessary surgery.

Will You Live Longer?

You need a plan as to how long you will live. “If you don’t have a plan you plan to fail,” according to what you read in Personal Development books. I agree with this statement and I have my own plan.

My parents were cared for by the medical system and were both dead before aged 64 but at aged 72, I plan (and expect) to live longer than 100. Did you notice I said ‘plan’ and not ‘hope’? If you want a goal you must have a plan and follow the plan. Hoping is not enough.




Diseases are all caused by a combination of an unnatural diet, high in carbs, sugars and lacking in critical nutrients.

Not drinking water, not taking enough raw salts, sitting longer than 3-4 hours per day, not walking enough to get the body oxygenated, stress, and not enough sunshine on your body all contribute too.

All of these combine to weaken your immune system, thus leaving you open to disease.


Not following a good health plan will combine to weaken your immune system which is responsible for keeping cancer cells in order. My Proof? The medical system know this and have recently tested immunotherapy drugs with astounding results but you won’t be given them as they have billions in income from the previous failed treatments.

If they do, they will and are charging up to 100,000 per year for drugs which cost nearly nothing. They could have had a near 100% success rate if they had combined it with a good health plan.

What can you do? Reverse the causes detailed above and use my book for your plan to prevent or get a healthy immune system that does not need drugs.

Heart Disease

Countless studies have linked infection with both the cause of blocked arteries and death from heart attacks. Many studies have shown healthy diets and nutrient supplementation can prevent and clear heart disease.

By improving ad hoc plans into a complete lifestyle plan that also supports a healthy immune system, this will take you closer to the 100% success rate. Staying with this plan should give you good health for as long as you plan to stay healthy.

Lung Disease

I am sure there are not many people who aren’t already aware that infection is the killer in lung disease, no matter what title is given to the condition.

My mother died at aged 62 of lung disease and for many years I saw her virtually living on antibiotics. Not once did the doctors offer a course of rehabilitation at a sanatorium which was common just 100 years ago – and is still prescribed in some European countries.

Infection (bacteria, virus and fungus) only thrive in a body with a weak immune system. Have a recovery plan to achieve a strong immune system and life can get better. My mother died before I had researched these things and the plan in my book has helped countless sufferers over the past 20 years.

Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s etc

I have saved the most challenging until last. Not because the plan is any harder, it is just difficult for many people to comprehend that infection and lifestyle is the cause.

Like Hippocrates, my books help you to practice health care and follow his famous teaching, “Let Food be thy Medicine, and Medicine be thy Food”. Even if you follow drug taking from the medical system, the plan in my eBooks follow, “First Do No Harm” so the plan is 100% safe and can help you to change your life.

I am not sure it is the leading cause of death as this information comes from charities and medical sources, all with the possible aim to get money from public donations and government.

It is amazing that hundreds of millions has been spent on so-called Alzheimer’s research with no viable results, yet a study from a university in California (UCLA) costing no more than a few thousand dollars reversed Alzheimer’s using a plan similar to the one in my book.

Did I mention immune system? A pathology study in Spain identified fungus in the brain of those who had died from Alzheimer’s but ‘never’ fungus in the brains of other deaths.

Fungus only gets a-hold with a weak immune system. The good health plan in my Alzheimer’s book includes everything to deliver a strong immune system to clear all infection and especially fungus.

We have some new exciting solutions for brain conditions including BrainPower and Glutathione, although these have not yet been published in the book.


Like Hippocrates, my books help you to practice health care and follow his famous teaching, “Let Food be thy Medicine, and Medicine be thy Food”.

Even if you follow drug taking from the medical system the plan in my eBooks follow, “First Do No Harm” so the plan is 100% safe and can help you to change your life.